perils of a small town

Thursday, August 4, 2011

95% of the time, I love living in a small town. I love seeing people I know every time I go to the grocery store, post office or coffee shop. I love that getting anywhere takes 5 minutes at the most (for us, anyway, we live close to town). I love the rural setting, being able to leave your keys in the car and not worry (trying to break this habit, though...while we've never had anything happen, I know it's risky, ha!). My list of reasons why I love a small town are very long...

But yesterday challenged my love of this little town. I had a check I needed to cash at a bank that we don't bank at, so I asked Brad the night before to check and see when they opened. He told me they opened at 7:30. The next morning I drove to the bank early only to find out that the drive through doesn't open until 8:30. And closes at 4:30. Hm...that's convenient for stay-at-home moms and the elderly.

So then I decide to go get some coffee at our local coffee shop. The only coffee shop in town. I wait in line and order an Iced Coffee that came to a couple bucks. I hand the woman my card, and she says, "Oh...we actually have a $5 minimum for cards now." Well, I didn't have any cash (and I really never carry cash) so I said, "Okay, you can cancel my order, thank you" and she goes, "Oh, we'll take care of it today and the next time you come in we'll charge you for it." So they did end up giving me my drink, but I can't even tell you how frustrating the "minimum charge" is. I understand that credit card companies are robbers to their merchants with their charges, but hello, that is the cost of doing business! And at a coffee shop, most of the time your purchases don't come quite to $5. (Plus, I would like to add that, per most credit card companies, setting a "minimum charge amount" is a violation of policy and can be reported by consumers). Anyway, I visit this place a lot and I rarely have cash, so that leaves me in a pickle.

And then the final thing yesterday that caused me to roll my eyes was when I called to make a nail appointment at a local hair salon and every day that I requested, the nail tech left by 1:30. Um...most people are working during those hours and I'm afraid my boss might frown on me leaving work to go get my nails done.

Which is why I'm trying with all my might to talk Brad into moving to Nashville.
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