the zumba report

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alright, I'm going to admit it - I loved Zumba.  Loved it.  And attending the class on Tuesday night definitely affirmed my belief that it's our generation's Jazzercise.  I say that nicely, for the most part :)  I was the youngest one in the class, first off, and while we were standing around waiting for it to start I was able to watch a 40ish year old woman warm up by doing her Zumba moves.  Then another woman came in, she was very pretty and probably in her late 40's?  Very pretty makeup, seemed very sweet and conservative....and kid you not, the woman came alive in the class!  I mean, hip-grinding, butt-shaking, nearly-lifting-her-shirt at one point (yes, seriously). Then there were a few senior citizens in the class, as well, which always makes you skeptical at the intensity in the class.

Overall, I had a blast dancing and felt that, while I didn't get an intensive workout, I got my heart rate up and actually had fun while doing it. If you like dancing, Zumba is a great class to check out.

Did anyone else watch Hart of Dixie on Monday night?

Holy cow, I am obsessed.  First....can we just talk about the fact that it takes place in a small town in the South?  Hello, my dream life.  Secondly....Rachel Bilson and her ridiculously adorable self and wardrobe.  Can I have her hair?  And pretty much everything she wears?  Thirdly...really looking forward to seeing how they play her relationships out with Wade (is that his name?  The bad boy?) and George (who was also in Friday Night Lights, aka Best Show Ever on TV).  The acting isn't going to win any awards, but it doesn't matter.  I'm in love.

Is it feeling like Friday to anyone else today???


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being that it's Fall [in fact, we should be hitting our peak colors here this weekend or next week.  Un-freaking-believable...] I'm due for a hair color change.  I've found that, in a small town, getting your hair done is so reasonably priced that I typically can go about 4 times a year for coloring.  Health of my hair aside...I usually go dark blonde in the spring and lighten it up even more in the summer, and in the fall I'm always drawn to warm, rich colors.  Except that I've dated/married a man who just really doesn't want me to go dark with my hair.  I've appeased him all these years except for one, and here's the proof:

That also happened to be my year abroad when we weren't dating :) 

My hair appointment is this Friday, and here's what I'm thinking --

This is a little darker than I would probably go, considering that she's got gorgeous olive skin and I have very fair, pale skin.  But I really like the rich color of it.

Here's one other option --

This girl is much more my coloring, and the hair is a shade or two lighter than what I would want.  But I like the warm honey color.

I think I'll take both pictures and see what my stylist thinks.  I'll make sure to post pics once it's done.

On an un-related note, I'm attending a Zumba class tonight.  I'm a little dubious just cause something about the Zumba craze reminds me of the Jazzercise craze...and we can all remember how popular that was with moms in the 90's.  The Zumba instructor is in my Spinning class and she said she sweats as much in Zumba as she does in Spinning, so that should mean something cause I sweat like crazy in Spinning.  Plus the dancing aspect sounds fun.  Here's to hoping it's not cheesy!

inspiration + photo dump

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Saturday! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have loved the weekends lately. We have had amazing fall weather (even if it's been a little rainy, ick), so we've been having campfires, spending time outdoors, I've set up my fall decs, got my pretty red mums on the much as I hate seeing summer leave, this is my favorite season of the year and because it's SO short-lived up here, we try to take full advantage of it!

First piece of business. I've been on a re-decorating kick lately, mainly in my living room. It's mainly been a lot of warm earth tones the last couple years - oranges, tans, olives, etc - and I'm over it now. I want lots of black and cream with tan. I just think something about black and cream is so beautiful.

See below. I love so many things about this room...

via House Beautiful - you can check out the whole article here

See those black and white striped pillows on those chairs? From the moment I saw this picture in the magazine, I knew I needed to have them one day. Here's a closer shot:

I believe those pillows were from Ikea?  Seeing as how I'm 3 hours from the nearest Ikea, I found some very similar fabric at (funny, right?  No babies here, fyi).  Using some fabric pins (cause I don't sew), here's what I came up with:

My fabric is a gorgeous black+natural canvas, very thick yet easy to work with.  I haven't finished with the pillow yet, that's just to see what it would look like with one.  I may do a simple duck cloth pillow there, not sure just yet.  Oh - and yes, that is an ugly old chair I think I got for $10 that I covered with an ivory sheet.  I'm sure you can tell :)  Hey, you do what you can with what ya got, right??

And finally, here's some of my latest photos of myself...mainly cause I have realized that, within the last year or so, there's hardly any recent photos of me on Facebook.  Or anywhere, for that matter.  So I guess if something ever happens to me, Brad will have these stellar bathroom/bedroom self-portraits to remember me by.  

Okay, funny thing.  This is what my hair usually looks like:

[@ a county fair eating a chicken wing in my girlfriend's fiance's fry shack.  she was taking pics of me trying all the terribly horribly awful food her fiance makes...chicken wings, deep fried cookie dough, deep fried butter, etc etc]

Usually pretty flat and straight.  Boring.

So I've been on this teasing/volumizing kick.  Here was the first picture (sorry it's so dark).  

Um...hello, bed head/mushroom head/messy hair...

Here it is after a little taming....

Too bad it only looks like that about once a month, ha.  

Here's another recent one...wearing my LC Lauren Conrad shirt.  (Kohl's site is being goofy and can't link)

Well, I think that's it for photos.  I'm heading over to my town's Fall Fest, which is really just an outdoor craft fair on Main Street with fair foods.  But it's still fun, nonetheless.  

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Growing up, I swear that the only place my mom ever took me school clothes shopping to was Kohl's. As a result...I hate Kohl's now :) However, I had some time to kill earlier this week in the next town over (actually 45 min away, blech), so I decided to stop in to Kohl's and see what I could find.

Now...I knew Lauren Conrad (famous from MTV The Hills) was doing her own clothing line, and I totally blew it off as, "She's famous and rich, it will probably be crap like all the other celeb lines." Until I actually saw her little section in my Kohl's store.

Here's a few of my faves from her (Kohl's) website:

This fall I have noticed myself only wanting to buy ivory, rose, and gold tones. They're immensely flattering on any skin tone - especially a fading tan skin tone, so sad - and just feel so girly and pretty. I actually purchased the ivory blazer up there, and I'm wearing it now with a white v-neck and gold jewelry. It's classic. The tanks up at the top I could picture with some dark trouser jeans, or skinnies & flats (or under a black - or even better, ivory! suit coat - Annie!) Her dresses are also gorgeous and worth checking out.

Best part of her's well-priced and seems to always be on sale!

side note pet peeve - why do the mannequins have no chest?? very odd.
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