Friday, November 30, 2012

  • The little lady above had her very first laughs last night!  I was changing her and blowing raspberries on her tummy and then exclaiming, "What was that?!" and she would get this huge smile on her face and then have these short little laughs!  Of course I yelled for Brad and we spent the next five minutes looking like complete idiots trying to make her laugh :)  It was too dang sweet.
  • I find it super annoying when bloggers do paid reviews for the same products at the same time.  Actually, I find paid reviews to be super annoying just in general.
  • So because I'm too cheap to pay for the actual Scentsy warmer I went to WalMart and bought a warmer for $15, and now I'm obsessed with buying the wax cubes cause they only cost $2 for a pack of 6 (as opposed to $5 for the Scentsy cubes).  While I like most of the scents, this one is my favorite:
  • I started Weight Watchers this week.  I had been doing it right before I got pregnant and found that losing 10lbs was super easy just by eating my allotted points. So because I have about 15 more to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and they were just not coming off easily, I decided to join again and let me tell you....drinks are really where I shoot myself in the foot.  I drank 1 cup of apple juice and it was 4 points!  Add that to the coffee creamer I generously add to my coffee every morning and I was racking up 8 points before I even really opened my eyes.
Short post but all I got this morning.  Here's to a happy Friday and a good weekend!  

Happy 3 Months, Hadley!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weight/Height/Head:  We won't find out her official stats until her 4 month appointment, but when I took her in for some shots I had them weigh her and she was at 15lbs, 5oz!  BIG GIRL! 

Hair:  Still brown - dark in the back and starting to get thicker, but still pretty light and thin on top.

Eyes: Pretty blue, just like her Dad

Diapers: Size 1 - BUT I'm milking the last pack until I order more.  They still fit her, so I'm wondering if the Target diapers run a little big?

Clothes: Completely out of Newborn, got those packed away last week :(  Solidly wearing 0-3 months and is even in some 3-6 month onesies and 6 month pants!  

Eating: Still nursing and formula but mainly formula.  Right now I think we're in a pretty big growth spurt so she's typically eating around 6 ounces every 4 hours, but lately it's been 6 ounces, and then 2 hours later she'll fuss until we give her another 2oz, sometimes 4!  This morning, between 7:30am and noon she ate 14 ounces...which is 8 more than she usually does.  I know it sounds crazy, but it's like she can't get full.  I also think it has something to do with the fact that she's - drum roll!!! - sleeping through the night!

Sleeping: So, this is definitely going great, knock on wood.  Most nights she'll take her last bottle around 8 or 9 and will sleep until about 4 or 5, and some night she'll sleep til 6.  After her first bottle in the morning she'll usually sleep for another hour or two, and then some afternoons she'll nap and others she won't.  It's honestly hard to say right now because we've moved recently, had the holidays and family up, AND she's in a growth spurt so it feels like everything is out of whack.

Milestones:  Oh my word...so many!  Sleeping through the night, for one.  She's starting to really interact with us - she will be intently staring at us or will start smiling at us without being prompted.  She's starting to form consonants when babbling/yelling.  She will bring her hands - or a blanket but not yet toys - to her mouth and will hold them together.  She will hold a toy for a few seconds at a time.  She's sitting in a Bumbo chair!  She had her first time in the Baby Bjorn when we went to watch a Christmas parade downtown over Thanksgiving - don't worry, she was bundled up to within an inch of her life!  She also met one of her uncles for the first time two weeks ago.  She took her 2nd trip to Minneapolis and did SO well, but I also credit myself with learning from the mistakes I made on the first trip!

Overall, there are no words to describe what a good baby she is.  She's so laid back and just so dang sweet.  She will let anyone hold her, will smile at anyone and is generally always in a good mood.  She cries only when she's tired or hungry and is quick to be consoled.  We see a bit of a temper on her cause if she doesn't get what she wants right away, you will hear about it!  I also thank God that she does so well with me working during the day - the sweet girl spends a fair amount of her day in the swing, or in the Bumbo chair or on the floor, playing.  While I know it's actually probably good for her to not constantly be held, I do still feel bad at times that I can't devote more time to sitting and playing with her.  However, it brings tears to my eyes when I think about how grateful I am that I'm home with her.  She doesn't have any huge milestones yet, like walking or talking or eating, but I truly find so much joy in seeing her do the little things, like suck on her blanket or watch a toy or play with her hands.  
Words will never describe how much we love her or what an unbelievable blessing she is to us.

A few pictures...

Taking these photos was a bit more of a challenge this time!  The chair she's in is a rocker and now that she has the crazy head bob she was constantly rocking herself forward and tipping over to the side

Great pic of Brad, huh? ;)  I thought this was the sweetest picture of them, she is SUCH a snuggler.  Pardon Brad's dirty sweatshirt...it's a stain, not dirt :)  That's what comes with having a construction working husband!  (And in case anyone is concerned, I only leave them sleeping like this if I'm around and am able to check on them!  I worry too much not to, ha!)

Trying out the aden+anais sleep sack.  I like it, but it's no Woombie!  The couple of times she's worn this to bed she's woken up in the middle of the night.  I'm not ready to get rid of the swaddle!

This girl...love.her.  

I love how she holds onto the Bumbo chair when she sits in  it :)  Believe me, those little thighs get stuck in there!  

Tuesday Randoms

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My brain is all over the place this morning so I'm just doing the good 'ol bullet point list... 
  • Hadley had a round of shots yesterday - her pneumococcal and Hib vaccines - and it was absolutely heartbreaking for me.  I cried like a baby afterwards, and that's pretty funny since I didn't even cry when she was born.  She did really well, only cried for a minute and was smiling soon after.  However, last night she ran a 102 degree fever so I broke out the baby Tylenol.  That is the probably the worst feeling in the world, seeing your baby not feel good.  After the Tylenol she was fine, though, and I snapped this little pic of her while we were "talking" in bed...seriously, how could you not love this little girl??  Can't get enough of that belly and those thighs!

  • This weekend was our hunting opener so all of us girls in the family got together and spent Saturday doing some shopping on Main Street.  Exciting, I know :)  But it really was exciting because there's a new little consignment shop in our town and I found some of the cutest clothes for Hadley for really great prices.  Cause let me tell ya, you go through one good shopping spree where you buy brand new baby clothes for your infant and they wear them twice before they grow out of them, you start realizing that it truly is throwing money away to buy new.  Yes, there's the whole "I can use them for the next baby" argument but who knows if we would have another girl and then I'd have all these baby girl clothes that cost a fortune and Hadley wore once or twice.  And I'm working at getting over my "I don't want my baby in secondhand clothes" poor attitude.  Spending $15 on clothes that were in perfect condition that would've cost $75+ at full price helps a lot.  Here's a perfect example of spending full price on a pair of pants...see those little jeans?  She's worn those maybe three times.  They're about to come to her knees and they don't hardly button over her fat little belly anymore. [side note, I love seeing my young cousins/brothers-in-law holding Hadley.  They're totally comfortable to just come and pick her up, which I think is so sweet]

  • I'm definitely excited for Thanksgiving (read: Thanksgiving food) but I'm most excited to have a couple days off work.  I feel so dang stressed out right now with life that I'm looking forward to waking up and sitting on the couch, rather than sitting down to my desk first thing, and just looking out the window and not doing anything.  I've got family coming in tomorrow evening so who knows how much of that I'll do, but I'm just excited to have some time not sitting at this desk.  
  • I am loving the show Nashville.  Love it.  Also watching Hart of Dixie, and have recently started watching Made in Chelsea, which is a reality show about some rich young people living in London. Totally different world but very interesting.  Definitely has a scripted feel to it - like the young businessman Francis getting a massage in his office while his gorgeous foreign intern goes over their notes?  Little too contrived.  But whatever, it's entertainment.
Gotta get to work!  Just think, today is our Thursday!  

Gettin' Our Pictures Made

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I could be totally off base on this...but for some reason I feel like "getting your picture made" was a Southern expression that I would hear my mom or grandma say.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but we got our pictures made, FINALLY.  Here's a sad story for you...

These were our very first family photos.  Like, the very first photos.  Yes, Hadley is over a month old in them.  I literally shake my head every time I think of this.  

Basically what happened is that, in the operating room we weren't allowed to bring cameras in - which is a real joke cause we didn't even have our cell phones charged or a hospital bag or anything when I went into surgery - so when Hadley was born, there wasn't a picture of the three of us in the OR.  So then we were wheeled to our room and since she was born at 4:20am and I had been in labor the night before, I was beyond dead tired.  So I slept and then people started coming and I don't know...we just never got a picture.  Not a cell phone picture or anything.  So terrible and as morbid as it is I would panic if I couldn't get a hold of Brad at times cause the thought would cross my mind, "What if something happened to him and we would never have a family picture?!?"  

So anyway, we got my sister-in-law to get a few pictures of us on a nice fall day.  Nothing special...except that they're our VERY FIRST PHOTOS TOGETHER!

Photo Dump & Other News...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Long time no talk, eh?  Needless to say, life has been extraordinarily busy lately and I'm still trying to catch up!  In fact, I feel like I'm still trying to catch up from having a baby, no less starting back to work full time and moving...

Just thought I'd throw up a few photos!  

Giving Hadley her first bath in our new kitchen!  Still can't get over the rolls on this girl!  

She really is the happiest little baby.  It always kills me cause when we wake her up in the morning, she is always, 100% of the time in a good mood and will start smiling at us right away.  I asked her this morning, "How did we get such a happy girl?" Brad responded, "Definitely not from her Mom or Dad."  And that is so true!  Before Hadley he and I wouldn't hardly speak to each other in the morning!  We're definitely not happy, smiling morning people.

Signs of the times...this is our neighbor's back yard.  Wisconsin rifle hunting opener is this weekend.

Lately whenever we put Hadley in her little Rock N Play Sleeper or her Papisan she'll start trying to sit up.  So last night I rigged her up and put blankets behind her so she was sitting up while I was in the shower.  Can't believe how big she's getting.

This little Woombie is my lifesaver.  Ever since we started putting her in it she's slept pretty much thru the night.   How sweet is that, with all the ruffles on it?  

I just love this picture.  So dang sweet.

And finally, the new kitchen!  I am beyond in loooove with it.  I love everything about it...the fridge, our stove, those floors, that big sink.  We're still getting moved in so I'll post more pictures later on...like probably in the Spring, ha!

Happy Friday!
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