Five on Friday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

SO happy to see Friday!  Mainly because it's been a long, long week with my sick baby girl - who is all better now, thankfully - but also cause it's a 3 day weekend with our family!  Moving on....

1 - I bought my iPhone case!  I found it on Etsy from the seller Top Case:

It's shipping from South Korea so hopefully I'll get it before my next upgrade rolls around in two years.

2 //  I bought 3 dozen ears of sweet corn today to freeze up for winter.  There's a farmer that has sold corn in our town for 32 years and it is like eating ears of sugar.  Seriously, it's that good.  The line today was 10-deep when I pulled up, which is kinda crazy.  So anyway, I'm not usually very good at domesticated things like this - though I sometimes think I am, ha - so I'm hoping it turns out okay.  If it does I will probably go buy another 3 dozen this week - every winter when I open up a can of corn I dream about Bob's corn.  Seriously.

3 // In my attempt to give up Diet Coke - which is still going strong a week later! - I've started drinking 1 Izze a day.  This is not that economical at $1.79 at our local grocery store, so I bought a case of the cans on Amazon yesterday!  I bought the Grapefruit, which is really refreshing.

4 // I read the sweetest thing on Facebook today - a girl I went to college with posted a status that when she dropped her little kindergartner off for school that he stopped her to tell her that she hadn't prayed for his day.  She said it brought tears to her eyes that he would remember that and so they stopped right there to pray.  It was such a lesson to me as a newer mom that children are so absorbent and that the habits you start at a young age will stay with them.  So I decided today that I would start praying over Hadley every day.  I pray for her often, usually when I'm rocking her at night, but I want her to know that I am praying for her and her life and her day.  And that it's important for us to talk to God every day.

5 // So, is time for this already????  I don't know, but I love it and it gets me excited!!!!

Wednesday Randoms

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

  • I've got a sick baby :(  Not sure what's wrong, exactly.  After a VERY rough Monday where she fussed and cried most of the day I noticed that night that she felt a little warm.  She had a 101 degree temp that went up to 102.4 before I broke out the Tylenol and Motrin.  She's been running a fever ever since, though no other symptoms, so I took her in this morning and it was inconclusive.  Her ears, throat and lungs are fine so they're thinking it's a virus that has to run its course.  Please say a little prayer for her cause if you're a Momma you know that there's nothing worse than a sick baby.

  • I FINALLY upgraded my phone!  I previously had an iPhone 4 that had a shattered back, cracked front screen and broken case (yes, it was seriously trashy), so needless to say, getting an iPhone 5 was a much-welcomed day :)  I'm in the process of transferring apps, music and pictures which I hate, but oh  My sister asked me a few weeks ago why I didn't just use my insurance and get a new iPhone 4 until my upgrade date came and I told her it was because when something is super janky, it feels that much nicer when you get to upgrade it!  Now I just have to find a cute case.

  • Lately I've been on a "clean" eating kick.  Not for any big purpose other than I feel like this summer has been absolute crap-fest when it comes to my diet, and I'm starting to feel the waist of some of my pants getting a liiiiitle tighter.  That is not okay, so for the past week I've tried to cut out all processed food, have minimal dairy and I'm also attempting to give up Diet Coke.  So far it's actually been pretty easy and I've been surprised at how satisfied I feel.  My one big consistent weakness is my coffee creamer.  I usually only drink 1 cup of coffee a day with about 2-3T of vanilla creamer, so this will be a little tough.  I'm going to try THIS recipe for homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.  I'll let you know how it is...

  • I'm really, really struggling with our puppy right now.  I can't even begin to express how difficult it is to have a 4 month old EXTREMELY hyper and cocky (no, really - our vet said he's one of the cockiest little dogs he's ever seen, which makes him harder to train) little dog underfoot along with a 1 year old.  We've really been working at potty training and have had the dog for 3 months now and he's still not potty trained, still just goes whenever and wherever he wants - and that's with me taking him outside every.30.minutes during the day.  I feel like Brad and I need to have a "come to Jesus" talk about the dog because he really loves him (which is easy to do cause he's not home with him all day) and I feel like I could give him to anyone that happens to walk by our house at any given moment.  I think I feel overwhelmed trying to manage all the training myself when to be honest, my heart is not in it when I'm trying to watch the baby, clean the house, make meals, do laundry, pay bills, etc etc.

  • Brad's in the process of putting up our privacy fence in the backyard!  I'm excited for it, we went a little different and instead of doing the white vinyl posts between the panels, we opted for cedar posts that we're going to top with a dark stain.  We figure it will match the decks off our house and give it more of a "custom" look.  Hopefully it will look alright but what is up so far looks great!  When I have a little more motivation I'll post some pics :)

i heart etsy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Before I got pregnant I had heard many things about the website Etsy, but never actually used it myself.  To be honest, I found it a little overwhelming - sometimes still do - but once I took the plunge and ordered the first few pairs of baby legs, I was hooked.  Here's a sampling of some of the things I've found on Etsy:

The famed baby legs - I ordered quite a few more pairs, but these were my favorite.  I purchased them from the Etsy seller, OSewHappy.  

Baby headbands - these were my favorite style on Hadley when she was a newborn.  I bought these from the Etsy seller, Pretty Things Supplies.

I purchased a couple prints for Hadley's nursery from the seller Orange Willow Designs - Etsy is a great place to go for cheap, cheap artwork. 
During Christmastime I hosted a Cookie Exchange party and to wrap the baker's boxes I purchased baker's twine from this seller - The Shipping Guru. There's literally no shortage of craft supplies on Etsy, it's a great place to check for tissue paper, twine, envelopes, etc.
Invitations!  This is my favorite place to get any kind of personalized stationery for very reasonable prices.  These were the invites I used for Hadley's 1st birthday party, except I requested (at no extra charge) to have the soft pink changed to bright pink.  I purchased them from the Etsy seller Bonjour Berry.
This is my most recent purchase - return address labels.  I ordered this particular style from the Etsy seller Less Ordinary Designs.

While I've loved everything that I've ordered from Etsy, I feel like my best discovery was the printable stationery.  I've done invites for showers and parties, Hadley's birth announcement and our Christmas card all on Etsy, and they've all been around $10-$15.  I search on Etsy for "1st birthday invites printable" to sort out the ones that I can order from the seller and get the file to print myself.  I usually send them to WalMart to have them printed if they're a card or announcement or if it's an invite, I send it to a printing company and it's very cheap to have them printed & cut.  Every seller I've worked with that's designed cards for me has been SO nice and incredibly willing to make any design changes I've asked.

So if you're looking for things that are incredibly cute, personalized and very reasonably priced, check out Etsy!

Hadley Kate - 1st Year Stats

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

She lives in these onesies - seriously

Weight/Height/Head:  Today she weighed 22lbs, 7 ounces (75th percentile) and was 29" long (50th percentile).  Her head was 46cm, not sure of the percentile.  

Hair:  Still curly blonde - where did I get a curly, blonde-headed baby from?!?  

Eyes: Blue as can be

Diapers: In disposables she's still in size 4.  Not sure how to measure sizes in cloth diapers?  We switched over to cloth last month and so far I've loved it!  It's honestly not as much work as I thought it would be.  Still dealing with a bit of a stench in her bedroom and I've tried everything - open pail, closed pail, baking soda, air fresheners....I don't really want to put the pail in the bathroom so for now it will just be a little stinky in her room until I can figure something out.

Clothes: Still all over the place - mainly 12-18 months, though I did buy her first 2T item (a fleece fall jacket).  

Eating: Now that she's 1 this has changed big time!  We're doing three 6-7oz bottles of whole milk every day - one when she wakes up, one before her afternoon nap and one at bedtime.  It's been a bit of a tough transition as I was trying to only give her three 5oz bottles a day, but she still seemed to want more milk and at the advice of my doctor I'm giving her as much as I think she needs for now.  It's still a huge cutback from 32oz a day, but I think 22 or so ounces is good for now.  I will try to cut down more over time.  She's also eating 3 good meals a day with 2 snacks in there.  Some of her favorite foods are grapes, strawberries, peas, cheese and pasta.  Honestly, the girl eats everything I give her, pretty much!  For snacks I use lots of the organic packaged stuff, like Teensy Fruits, Mum Mums, Ella's Kitchen biscuits and "fingers".  Also good 'ol Cheerios are a staple in our house :)

Sleeping: Still just "eh" - she naps consistently twice a day, between 9-9:30 and 1-1:30, and goes to bed between 8-9pm.  We're still dealing with middle of the night wake-ups, though honestly the last couple months have been SO busy and we've been traveling, and my sister stayed with us so Hadley slept in our room, so it may be all of that that's affecting her.  Most mornings she wakes up right around 7:30, and thankfully always wakes up in a good mood!  


  • Takes tiny steps!  
  • Climbing all.over.everything.  She's figured out how to climb out of her walker, and if she has any kind of foot-step (toy, dog, laundry basket, etc) she is climbing on top of it!
  • Ate honey and almond butter...two of the "1 year" foods!  She did just fine :) 
  • Tonight while she was taking a bath the puppy ran in the bathroom and I said, "There's Cash!" and she started saying "'Ash? 'Ash?" I am totally one of those moms who needs to hear them practically speak a sentence before declaring that they're talking, but it was clear as day!  She's actually doing a fair amount of mimmicing these days.  
I think that's it....??  The doctor we saw today (not our typical doctor, she's out on maternity leave) was saying that typically babies find their walking mobility and their words come afterwards.  Sometimes it feels like she should be doing all this STUFF and if she doesn't have many changes from one month to the next it's easy to feel like, "Is something wrong?!"  (ok, I'm a paranoid mom so most probably don't feel that way!) but I know she is right on track.  She's not breaking any records or displaying behavior of a 15 or 18 month old but I have honestly never cared about having the most advanced child.  She's happy and healthy, that's all I need.  And that's what I got :)

Hadley is 1!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We had such a great time celebrating her birthday!  It was so surreal to see the day finally come - I remember so many times thinking that I couldn't imagine having a toddler, or her being ONE.  It seemed so old.  It honestly wasn't a sad or bittersweet day - I thought it would be a little harder, but I truly am so excited to see what's ahead for her, and each stage is so fun that watching her grow up has been a joy.  Now ask me if I feel that way when she starts Kindergarten ;)  

For her party I kept it pretty simple - her colors were neon/bright pink and glitter gold, which was SO fun to do crafty things with!  A few pictures down you'll see where I painted a "Happy 1st Birthday Hadley" bunting, I also did a clothesline with glitter gold clothespins full of some of my favorite Instagram pictures of her from the last year.  My favorite decoration was the tassel garland I made from pink and gold tissue paper - it was super easy to do (just a little time consuming) and added a lot, I think.  I did a few other projects that I don't have pictures of (go figure) but overall, I loved it!  We had our family and close friends over for tacos and Jello poke cupcakes, and Hadley got to devour her own little bright pink cake :)  

Pictures!  (No particular order)

There wasn't a filter on this picture and I don't know, I just thought it was neat :)

Again, no filter - a scene from the party

You can see the decorations here - the bunting, the clothesline, the tassel garland.  Underneath the garland I did a painted tablecloth a la Oh Happy Day! that we put the drinks on

Eating her cake!  Loved how bright that frosting was - I made the cake myself! - but holy cow it was a mess.  I literally hosed the highchair off afterwards and put her straight in the bath!

Me and Hadley 

Hadley gettin' a birthday smooch from her boyfriend Eli :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to recreate it! (Ok - I did have quite a few DIY projects, ha!)  I should've taken a picture sooner than the end of the party, she was buzzed up from all that sugar and wouldn't sit still

Our little family <3

It was really such a sweet day.  I could sit here and write a long letter of all the things I love about my girl but the only way I can put it is to say - Hadley is my very heart, forever and ever, and I am so blessed and thankful to be her Mommy.
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