Hadley is 1!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We had such a great time celebrating her birthday!  It was so surreal to see the day finally come - I remember so many times thinking that I couldn't imagine having a toddler, or her being ONE.  It seemed so old.  It honestly wasn't a sad or bittersweet day - I thought it would be a little harder, but I truly am so excited to see what's ahead for her, and each stage is so fun that watching her grow up has been a joy.  Now ask me if I feel that way when she starts Kindergarten ;)  

For her party I kept it pretty simple - her colors were neon/bright pink and glitter gold, which was SO fun to do crafty things with!  A few pictures down you'll see where I painted a "Happy 1st Birthday Hadley" bunting, I also did a clothesline with glitter gold clothespins full of some of my favorite Instagram pictures of her from the last year.  My favorite decoration was the tassel garland I made from pink and gold tissue paper - it was super easy to do (just a little time consuming) and added a lot, I think.  I did a few other projects that I don't have pictures of (go figure) but overall, I loved it!  We had our family and close friends over for tacos and Jello poke cupcakes, and Hadley got to devour her own little bright pink cake :)  

Pictures!  (No particular order)

There wasn't a filter on this picture and I don't know, I just thought it was neat :)

Again, no filter - a scene from the party

You can see the decorations here - the bunting, the clothesline, the tassel garland.  Underneath the garland I did a painted tablecloth a la Oh Happy Day! that we put the drinks on

Eating her cake!  Loved how bright that frosting was - I made the cake myself! - but holy cow it was a mess.  I literally hosed the highchair off afterwards and put her straight in the bath!

Me and Hadley 

Hadley gettin' a birthday smooch from her boyfriend Eli :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to recreate it! (Ok - I did have quite a few DIY projects, ha!)  I should've taken a picture sooner than the end of the party, she was buzzed up from all that sugar and wouldn't sit still

Our little family <3

It was really such a sweet day.  I could sit here and write a long letter of all the things I love about my girl but the only way I can put it is to say - Hadley is my very heart, forever and ever, and I am so blessed and thankful to be her Mommy.

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