Holy Busy July

Friday, July 26, 2013

We have literally not stopped going since last month...and I am ready for it all to slow down!  Except that it's not really going to, with Brad's birthday, our 4th anniversary and Hadley's 1st birthday all coming up.  So...oh well.  All good things!

Here's some randoms to wrap up the week with:

  • This last weekend Brad's family had a big 'ol party/reunion and we managed to get a picture together!  Not our best but hey, I will take it.  And seriously, how beautiful is his parents house at night?  PS - I really need to take my sunglasses off when I'm outside once in a while, I have a wicked tan line on my nose.  #fail

  • I seriously love my Fridays as a SAHM.  I spend Mon-Thurs doing housework, grocery shopping, errands, etc, but when Friday rolls around I take it easy and it is sooooo nice.  For Hadley's morning nap I sat on our screened-in porch and read a book with my coffee, and now I'm blogging and about to have some Apple Cider while I read.  Again.  Also another reason why I'm not quite ready to go for baby #2.
  • We've been cloth-diapering full time for a week now and I gotta say, I love it.  Even not having a diaper sprayer (ick.  I definitely ordered one yesterday).  But I really love how clean and natural it feels.  I still need to work out a diaper pail, right now I'm using a PUL waterproof laundry bag from TJ Maxx that works fine but I need to put it IN something so I'm not smelling that nursing home smell.  Cause that is just yucky. 
  • My garden is coming right along!  On the left is zucchini and yellow squash, and the right is a variety of tomatoes.  I've been putting fish emulsion fertilizer on them (thanks Carrie!) and today did a bit of organic fertilizer.  I have a fair amount of blooms but very little veggies, so I'm hoping that this next month it'll pick up!  [I also have another bed to the right of this that has peppers, squash and cucumbers in it]

  • And finally, this has been happening lately...

Not too often but enough where we need to tighten up the reins.  I was always a die-hard "baby will NEVER EVER NEVER SLEEP IN OUR BED" and here I am.  It's mainly been due to life being so dang busy lately and not having much of a routine, so we've struggled with bedtime a little bit.  We don't keep her out late very often but if there's important things going on (ie, family is in town, birthdays/parties/etc) then she works around our schedule, and thought we sometimes pay for it (like in this scenario) it usually works just fine and then we don't feel like those parents who never do anything cause they can't leave the house after 7.  
Hadley's due to be up from her nap any time now so I'm gonna take advantage of the last few minutes and read a bit!  Happy Friday :)

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