Teething Hell and Other Things

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So I'm thinking that little H is cutting some kind of teeth right now.  I have no clue which ones cause she clamps her mouth right up when I try to feel her gums, but I'm thinking it's her incisors on the bottom (are those still called the incisors?)  At any rate, she has slept absolutely terribly for the past two nights and days and I'm tempted to take a picture of my living room to show you the state of our chaos lately but I'm too embarrassed.  The only thing I was able to get done today was making our bed.  That's it.  The good news is that in telling Brad about our day when he got home, he said, "Just think about when you had to work and having days like these."  Totally put it in perspective.

Anyway.  Today we spent the day fighting those dang teeth which meant that nap times went kaput, which meant that my only hope of getting her to sleep was driving.  So we got in the car and drove to the next town over and visited an antique store - AKA a really a big junk yard where everything is way overpriced - where I picked up this wire locker-room-style basket:

Brad's got a "Honey Do" list a mile long and one of those things is to build us a new coffee table.  We have some caster wheels to use on the new table, and I was thinking about doing a shelf on the bottom that we could put this basket on?  I would probably spray paint it black and "rough it up" some.

After we drove there and she slept maybe...30 minutes total during the two hours we were gone (I mean it when I say that she wasn't having NOTHIN' to do with napping), we met up with my SIL and another girlfriend (and all their kids) at the local beach.  It was the last thing I felt like doing but I knew it would tire Hadley out, which it did.  She came home and slept for an hour and a half, thank the Lord.

Tonight we took a little stroll to McDonald's so I could get a Diet Coke.  I loooove me some DC.  I'm actually partial to Coke but since I ate my weight in Trader Joe's Windmill cookies and Cookie Butter two days ago, I'm sticking to calorie free things at the moment.

On another note, this is a constant view for me, and I love it.  Love those little chubby thighs and tan baby feet.  And yes, she is totally in her diaper and a tank top.

And that's pretty much it for today.  There's nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, which is great because we need some time to recover from today - assuming tomorrow is a better day!  Let's cross our fingers.

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