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Friday, July 12, 2013

1 - Carter's Clearance Sale is going on right now and this Momma racked up!  I mainly bought zip-up jammies for the fall and a few rompers, but I did find this sweet little outfit for $8:

2 - I shared this picture on my Instagram the other day, but you know how I was saying that Hadley turns around in the shopping cart the whole time?  Proof:

3 - So lately I've been thinking that fall and winter is fast approaching.  Yes, this is a horribly depressing thought but unfortunately where I live you can't bank on summer being anytime past the middle of September.  With that being said, I am in MAJOR need of some kind of indoor hobby to keep me from going crazy this winter.  I'm open to any and all suggestions!  

4 - I just bought this stuff for my hair and I.LOVE.IT.  

It's pricey at $25 a bottle, but I'm the type to buy one or two higher-priced items and use them religiously, thus getting my money's worth.  Anyway, this stuff works wonders if you have thin, straight hair.  I use it before blow-drying my hair and it's seriously like it takes each strand of hair and puffs it up.  Also, the cream isn't too heavy and you only need a tiny, tiny bit!  

5 - I've been drinking water like crazy this week.  I hate it but I guess I don't hate it as MUCH as before.  I mainly am doing it because I'm trying to figure out if my fingers really did grow while I was pregnant and if I should get my wedding ring re-sized, or if I'm just carrying water weight.  Since I've been guzzling water for about 3 days now and I don't notice any difference...I'm going with re-sizing :(   Drinking out of this little cup has made me a tiny bit more enthused for water:

It looks really tiny here but yeah, it basically holds like an ounce of water.  Can't get yourself too overwhelmed now :)  

Happy Friday and cheers to the weekend!

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