Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my 10k is in one month....I'm excited, and confident that I'll be able to finish strong. but even in my knowing I'll be okay, I still get nervous. Thank you, Nike, for fueling my fire to keep on!

sun + love

Monday, April 25, 2011

my silly sister captured these pictures of me and Brad this weekend.

Love him and love these pictures! [even though they're definitely not my most flattering photos and he's wearing a hat - aka he needs a haircut]


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've tried to get together a post about one thing. Something coherent. But it ain't happenin' in my brain, so here's what I've got:

1.) Playlists. Does anybody else have to continually change theirs? I suppose I'm mainly referring to my workout playlist. I have to change mine up/freshen it every week or so. And I am struggling right now! I use Rhapsody and feel pretty good about what I've got on there, but in order for me to not focus on my music and stay motivated while I'm running I need music that is new and fresh. New to me, anyway. Any suggestions? Here's what I got for today:

2.) Speaking of working out, I set up my first personal training session! Basically, I really want to start using the free weights at the gym, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing and I'm definitely not going to ask a man at the gym to help me, ha! So, I set up two 1-hr sessions with a friend at my gym who also happens to be their Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. I'm super excited.

3.) We need a camera. BAD. We currently have a Canon dSLR that I do really like, but I have a few issues with it: A) it's old and the megapixel quality isn't that great, B) it's huge and a pain in the butt to take anywhere, C) Because I love photography, whenever I take photos with this camera I feel like I HAVE to edit them. I do have Lightroom but it's currently authorized on Brad's laptop that was stolen a couple years ago, so in order to download it on our current computer I have to call Adobe. Yes, I have been too lazy to do that for 2 years.
I had a very sad realization last night that Brad and I hardly have ANY pictures with each other! That has to change.

4.) To amend yesterday's post that I hate Spring, I should say that I really don't hate Spring. I just hate what Springtime is where I live, cause it's not what everyone else associates with Spring. And I don't even really mind the awful, cruddy weather so much as I hate when we get a nice week of weather at the end of March and you think, Spring is here! but then the next two weeks it's 30 degrees and snowing. We truly do not have consistently nice weather up here until May. And no lie, that's even debatable. If you've never lived in a climate like this, you have no idea the toll it takes on your emotions and energy. At least as a woman, I think.

Gonna go make my lunch salad. Happy Wednesday!

I hate spring.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For most people, spring is a beautiful time of year...the end to a long (or not so long) winter. The grass grows back bright green, the leaves start coming in on the trees, flowers are budding, the sun is shining...

Not where I live.

I argued with my husband over this, who grew up in our town, that spring doesn't start here until May. He fought me tooth and nail on this, swearing up and down that it's in the 50's/60's in April.

Right. It's 41 degrees out right now. Gray, cloudy. We have 1-2 inches of snow in the forecast tonight. Oh, and it's April 19th.

So, he may be right that it is in the 50's/60's here in April, cause we have had a few nice days this month. But you know that point in the season when you are finally able to say, Spring is here! for good? We don't see that until May.

And I can almost guarantee that there is nothing so depressing as it being the middle of April and having snow in the forecast and gray after gray after gray day.

Sorry for the depressing post. I'm seriously ready to buy one of those sun machines you set up in your house. That, or move as far South as I possibly can and NEVER have to deal with cruddy, terrible spring times anymore.

Thursday Randoms

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm on the road today...hence the easy post!

Minnesota Twins baseball
. YES. YES. YES. Brad and I have been big fans for years, and actually went to many games together before we were even dating. In our house, baseball=summer! We're definitely getting to a game at Target Field this summer, no doubt. And while I looove the Twins, I'm partial to Joe Mauer.

He's the catcher for the Twins and was recently called the "anti-Lebron" cause he's a Minnesota boy, born and raised, and recently signed a contract extension to stay with the Twins til 2018. They better get winnin'! Side note - I had a dream two nights ago that I took Brad's little brother to a Twins game and started dating Joe Mauer! I woke up the next morning laughing about it and told Brad, and while it may have seemed odd that I dreamed that, I also dreamed that I was shooting a machine gun at a TV. So, Brad needn't worry :) Gotta admit, though...he's nice to look at!

Tinie Tempah feat. Ellie Goulding, "Wonderman"

I can't quit listening to this song! Something about it makes me want to put my "trainers" on and run and run and run...wish it would come to the US!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion

I bought this lip stain this weekend and am still getting used to it. It's a little pink for me right now, but I think with a tan it'll look a little better. God knows everything looks better with a little tan, right? I do have a coral toned lip stain from Cover Girl that I like better, but this Revlon stain comes with a "smoother" on one end - a balm on one end that makes it easier to apply. Great for summer!

Olay Pro-X

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As you all know, I live in Small Town America where my one-stop shop is the local Wal-Mart. I'm so lucky, I know.

One thing I try to stay on top of is my skincare. I get a few facials a year, wash with a very gentle cleanser and try to moisturize every night. I've written about it before, but I'm a huge, huge fan of Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers. In fact, these two products are all I will use on my skin for everyday cleaning.

But recently I had been hearing about people debating the Clarisonic Mia vs. the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System.

Here's the Clarisonic Mia, which retails for $149 at Sephora.

And here's the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System, which retails for (around) $29.99 at drugstores.

Obviously, I am sure the Clarisonic is a superior product, just like the Sonicare toothbrushes are better than the battery operated Crest toothbrushes you can buy at WalMart. But since I don't think I could even buy a Clarisonic in this town, not to mention that I don't care to spend $150 on it, I went for the Pro-X facial brush.

I've got to say, it's one of the best $30 purchases I've ever made. The bristles are very soft and gentle on your skin, and it has 2 speeds you can set it on. It came with a mini bottle of exfoliating cleanser, but I'm all about keeping it as gentle as possible on your skin, so I won't be using that. I've used my Cetaphil cleanser with it, and I can't even tell you how even-toned and glow-y it's made my skin in just 3 uses! If you've ever been for a facial, you know that pretty glow-y look you have afterwards? That's totally what your skin looks like after just cleansing with this. Plus, my pores look smaller and my skin is super soft.

My final vote? Two thumbs, way up!

"I was running...!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My alternative title for this blog post is, "Running Tips for Those That Suck at Running or Hate It."

I am, by no means, an expert at running. I don't know anything about technique, I don't run marathons....I've only been consistently running for the last year or so. However, I've gone from hardly being able to run a mile (in fact, I remember in high school walking the straights and running the curves when having to run the mile on the track) to running my first 10k next month. So, here goes:

1.) Don't worry about your time. There was a time there when I was ashamed at my 10 minute miles. But you know what? I've decided that I'm proud of myself for just running at ALL, and who cares if my miles take 10 minutes? Now that I've been running quite a bit I have started to pay attention to my time when I'm running distances that are comfortable to me. But don't let long miles discourage you!

2.) Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. When I first started running I would hold my breath...which is a very bad idea! Then wonder why I was always about to pass out. I would suggest trying very hard to pace your breath into as long, even breathes as you can get. Sometimes when I get a side stitch or cramp in my stomach I'll try to breath quicker to push it out, but I'm always trying to breath as evenly as possible. It may feel uncomfortable at first but I think it really helps to stabilize you.

3.) Don't worry about form. Just try to keep your pace steady (this is important! Don't start too fast) and even.

4.) Get a good playlist. If you're not a music listener, then bypass this one. But I'm constantly changing my playlist for new music that will motivate me. I'm all about the fast, dance/club music. Current sample from my playlist...

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz
Power - Kanye West (this is a GREAT running song, perfect beat for it)
Til the End of the World - Britney
If - Janet Jackson
More - Usher

5.) Get good gear! I bought some good shoes this winter (Asics), and a few good tank tops by Nike and Under Armour. No, you don't need those fancy Lululemon pants (which must be made of gold for the way people talk about them). Just some good tanks and comfortable pants. I'm a fan of running in spandex tights, long ones in winter and mid-length when it's warmer. I've been known to work out in cotton wife beaters that I've cut up for comfort, which is not only kind of tacky but can get really sweaty. I really like Nike's Dri-Fit tanks.

6.) Be very proud of yourself. Running, for some people, will never feel good and will never come easy. I don't think it's for everyone, and I think you have to be realistic about what your body can comfortably do. I have found that running gets easier the more I do it (like with anything), and the more I do it and get more comfortable running longer distances, the more I really enjoy it. So hang in there and push through the cramps and side aches and body aches and fatigue! It's all mental anyway, right?


Friday, April 8, 2011

This week I got to bring home my $100 Walmart rug that I mentioned I had purchased last week. I was a little dubious about the tones of the rug since the pictures made it look pretty warm-toned. Here's a shot of it from the WalMart website:

But after I got it in my living room (after lots of solo furniture moving and maybe a few cuss words), I loved it. LOVED IT. It's the perfect neutral tone, and while it's definitely not going to win any awards for being amazing quality, it was cheap and the right color AND the right size (10x12), and I am just fine with all those things.

So now my big dilemma is figuring out my colors for the room. Up until now I've done orange accents, since my rug before was green & brown (Gosh, that sounds hideous together but I promise it was a muted green & brown). But now, I'm over the warm tones. Like, don't want anything at all to do with any orange, brown, tan, deep greens, etc.

With that being said, I'm really focusing on grays & yellows. These were the two fabrics I was focused on until this morning...

I love, love, love the gray chevron. That fabric will be for curtains. I was thinking the yellow fabric would be perfect for the pillows.

Then I found these today...

Love those together...but could be a bit much. So I narrowed it down to this:

These fabrics are all by Premier Prints, btw. The chevron is the Zig Zag in Ash/White Slub, the yellow is the Chipper in Corn Yellow/Slub, and the diamond pattern is the Annie in Corn Yellow/Kelp Linen.

My thoughts are to do the Zig Zag for my curtains and the the Chipper & Annie for my couch pillows.

After I break the bank buying all the fabric, haha! #myhusbandmighthaveotherthoughts

Happy Friday!

It's Friday, Friday

Friday, April 1, 2011

gotta get down on Friday...

Currently listening to Faith Hill's Faith album...

and the song playing right now is "My Wild Frontier" - sweet story: this song has always, always reminded me of me & Brad. The line in the song that gets me is "I was his lonesome prairie/he was my wild frontier." Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! He is so my "wild frontier"...and when we got engaged, he had this song (with others) playing in the background. Gets me so sentimental!

So I was going to post a re-cap of a blog post by a designer I LOVE [Erika @ Urban Grace Interiors] but I think I'm going to wait on that a few days. Trust me, check out her website & blog and swooon. Not to mention that her little baby girl's name is Sloane, and I am officially in love with that name.

This weekend I'll be painting and painting...I've got to finish up that table I started (the big round one?!?) and I'm contemplating spray painting. Oh - and I took literally every decorative piece out of my living room. I'm sick of it all and just feel like I need to START OVER. It's making Brad crazy, I can guarantee you that.

Happy Friday!
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