Friday, April 8, 2011

This week I got to bring home my $100 Walmart rug that I mentioned I had purchased last week. I was a little dubious about the tones of the rug since the pictures made it look pretty warm-toned. Here's a shot of it from the WalMart website:

But after I got it in my living room (after lots of solo furniture moving and maybe a few cuss words), I loved it. LOVED IT. It's the perfect neutral tone, and while it's definitely not going to win any awards for being amazing quality, it was cheap and the right color AND the right size (10x12), and I am just fine with all those things.

So now my big dilemma is figuring out my colors for the room. Up until now I've done orange accents, since my rug before was green & brown (Gosh, that sounds hideous together but I promise it was a muted green & brown). But now, I'm over the warm tones. Like, don't want anything at all to do with any orange, brown, tan, deep greens, etc.

With that being said, I'm really focusing on grays & yellows. These were the two fabrics I was focused on until this morning...

I love, love, love the gray chevron. That fabric will be for curtains. I was thinking the yellow fabric would be perfect for the pillows.

Then I found these today...

Love those together...but could be a bit much. So I narrowed it down to this:

These fabrics are all by Premier Prints, btw. The chevron is the Zig Zag in Ash/White Slub, the yellow is the Chipper in Corn Yellow/Slub, and the diamond pattern is the Annie in Corn Yellow/Kelp Linen.

My thoughts are to do the Zig Zag for my curtains and the the Chipper & Annie for my couch pillows.

After I break the bank buying all the fabric, haha! #myhusbandmighthaveotherthoughts

Happy Friday!

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