Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I've tried to get together a post about one thing. Something coherent. But it ain't happenin' in my brain, so here's what I've got:

1.) Playlists. Does anybody else have to continually change theirs? I suppose I'm mainly referring to my workout playlist. I have to change mine up/freshen it every week or so. And I am struggling right now! I use Rhapsody and feel pretty good about what I've got on there, but in order for me to not focus on my music and stay motivated while I'm running I need music that is new and fresh. New to me, anyway. Any suggestions? Here's what I got for today:

2.) Speaking of working out, I set up my first personal training session! Basically, I really want to start using the free weights at the gym, but I don't have a clue what I'm doing and I'm definitely not going to ask a man at the gym to help me, ha! So, I set up two 1-hr sessions with a friend at my gym who also happens to be their Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor. I'm super excited.

3.) We need a camera. BAD. We currently have a Canon dSLR that I do really like, but I have a few issues with it: A) it's old and the megapixel quality isn't that great, B) it's huge and a pain in the butt to take anywhere, C) Because I love photography, whenever I take photos with this camera I feel like I HAVE to edit them. I do have Lightroom but it's currently authorized on Brad's laptop that was stolen a couple years ago, so in order to download it on our current computer I have to call Adobe. Yes, I have been too lazy to do that for 2 years.
I had a very sad realization last night that Brad and I hardly have ANY pictures with each other! That has to change.

4.) To amend yesterday's post that I hate Spring, I should say that I really don't hate Spring. I just hate what Springtime is where I live, cause it's not what everyone else associates with Spring. And I don't even really mind the awful, cruddy weather so much as I hate when we get a nice week of weather at the end of March and you think, Spring is here! but then the next two weeks it's 30 degrees and snowing. We truly do not have consistently nice weather up here until May. And no lie, that's even debatable. If you've never lived in a climate like this, you have no idea the toll it takes on your emotions and energy. At least as a woman, I think.

Gonna go make my lunch salad. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I have to listen to Pandora when I work out. I cannot know what is coming next or else I just start getting antsy for a certain song to come on. True, it can get annoying when you get a few sucky songs in a row, but then a good ones hits and it's magic.

    i want to run outside. think that will happen sometime this year or maybe it will just snow straight through. waah.


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