It's Been A While...

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I have completely neglected my little blog....shame on me.  I've missed it though!  We've had a super long winter that unfortunately is STILL going on, so I've been fighting a major case of self-diagnosed seasonal depression (okay, not really - I mean...most days I feel like packing Hadley and myself up and driving as far South as I can while letting out a string of cuss words for the state of Wisconsin. Some might call that seasonal depression, I call it normal, ha!)

We've mostly been staying really busy with our home renovation projects.  One of them is 75% done - we just need to finish off a few things indoors, like flooring and countertops, then paint and fix up the outside and we'll be all done and ready to list.  The other house has been the big time-sucker.  Basically, we bought this beautiful little Victorian that had all these wonderful things, like lots of bedrooms and room for a playroom and big windows and character and a GARAGE and for about a month or so we were set on selling it.  Then we slowly started would be perfect for us.  When we bought it that thought certainly crossed our mind but as Brad started working on it we came to the realization that we will probably never find another home in the near future that will suit our needs for a growing family (NOT GROWING JUST YET, ha) at the amazing price we paid that offers all the things we need AND want in a home.  The garage is even big enough for a wood-working shop!  So after some prayer and thought we decided we couldn't pass it up and are now fixing it up for ourselves.  Maybe one of these days if I can find some motivation I'll do a post on what we've done :)

Otherwise....there's really not much else.  I have recently jumped on board with a friend's photography business and will be assisting her with weddings this summer, as well as other sessions as needed.  I bought my first "fancy" camera - a Canon 60D - used on eBay and it's been a ton of fun learning how to use it a little better.  I've also sharpened my skills on Photoshop, which has actually been addicting for me!  It's so amazing to see an image go from basic, boring to beautiful with a few small adjustments.

I'm still loving, loving, loving my time at home with Hadley.  It's gotten a little tougher these days with Brad putting in lots of long hours but we've been able to get a way a few times to my hometown, or on a weekend trip with my best friend and her family.  The hardest part has been that we've literally been stuck indoors for almost exactly five months now without an indoor play area to take her, or even a mall to let her run around.  Believe me when I say, I have many conversations with Brad begging him to move us South (and that is not a joke).

Hopefully I can jump back on board with updating!  Just checking in for right now...can't put too much pressure on myself, ha ;)
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