It's Friday, Friday

Friday, April 1, 2011

gotta get down on Friday...

Currently listening to Faith Hill's Faith album...

and the song playing right now is "My Wild Frontier" - sweet story: this song has always, always reminded me of me & Brad. The line in the song that gets me is "I was his lonesome prairie/he was my wild frontier." Brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! He is so my "wild frontier"...and when we got engaged, he had this song (with others) playing in the background. Gets me so sentimental!

So I was going to post a re-cap of a blog post by a designer I LOVE [Erika @ Urban Grace Interiors] but I think I'm going to wait on that a few days. Trust me, check out her website & blog and swooon. Not to mention that her little baby girl's name is Sloane, and I am officially in love with that name.

This weekend I'll be painting and painting...I've got to finish up that table I started (the big round one?!?) and I'm contemplating spray painting. Oh - and I took literally every decorative piece out of my living room. I'm sick of it all and just feel like I need to START OVER. It's making Brad crazy, I can guarantee you that.

Happy Friday!

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  1. what is the story behind this song, do you know? and does her baby die?


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