Five on Friday!

Friday, August 30, 2013

SO happy to see Friday!  Mainly because it's been a long, long week with my sick baby girl - who is all better now, thankfully - but also cause it's a 3 day weekend with our family!  Moving on....

1 - I bought my iPhone case!  I found it on Etsy from the seller Top Case:

It's shipping from South Korea so hopefully I'll get it before my next upgrade rolls around in two years.

2 //  I bought 3 dozen ears of sweet corn today to freeze up for winter.  There's a farmer that has sold corn in our town for 32 years and it is like eating ears of sugar.  Seriously, it's that good.  The line today was 10-deep when I pulled up, which is kinda crazy.  So anyway, I'm not usually very good at domesticated things like this - though I sometimes think I am, ha - so I'm hoping it turns out okay.  If it does I will probably go buy another 3 dozen this week - every winter when I open up a can of corn I dream about Bob's corn.  Seriously.

3 // In my attempt to give up Diet Coke - which is still going strong a week later! - I've started drinking 1 Izze a day.  This is not that economical at $1.79 at our local grocery store, so I bought a case of the cans on Amazon yesterday!  I bought the Grapefruit, which is really refreshing.

4 // I read the sweetest thing on Facebook today - a girl I went to college with posted a status that when she dropped her little kindergartner off for school that he stopped her to tell her that she hadn't prayed for his day.  She said it brought tears to her eyes that he would remember that and so they stopped right there to pray.  It was such a lesson to me as a newer mom that children are so absorbent and that the habits you start at a young age will stay with them.  So I decided today that I would start praying over Hadley every day.  I pray for her often, usually when I'm rocking her at night, but I want her to know that I am praying for her and her life and her day.  And that it's important for us to talk to God every day.

5 // So, is time for this already????  I don't know, but I love it and it gets me excited!!!!

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