Goodbye Summer...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Around these parts....summer has officially said ended, even though the calendar says it doesn't end for another few weeks.  The weather has actually been really beautiful lately - cool in the mornings and warming up to a nice mid-70's temp by late afternoon.  In some ways it's always sad to see summer go - mainly because I know what I'm facing in the loooong months ahead - but I'm always SO excited to see fall get here!

Anyway, we had a great Labor Day weekend.  On Saturday I spent the morning freezing sweet corn.  It was pretty easy - shuck, boil, blanch and cut (scrape?).  I only did two dozen, I didn't have a huge boiling pot so I had to do them 5 ears at a time.  But I ended up getting 8 bags of corn out of it, so I was happy with it.

While I was working on the corn Brad was out putting up our privacy fence - pictures of that when it's done!  (Which could be a while, ha).  After we wrapped those projects up we headed out to our favorite Resort beach!

I've spent quite a bit of time out here this summer.  The lodge has a super fun bar that always brings in really good bands, and one of the best things about this place is that they don't run just for the tourists but for the locals.  So many places up here just shut down in the winter, or do all of their fun stuff in the summers when the tourists are up.  This resort brings in bands every single weekend all year long.  But anyway, they have a great beach with a playground and volleyball net right next to it so they're always something to do.  We went out there with Brad's family on Saturday and had a great time just catching up, having a drink or two and getting some last-minute sun!

Hadley had a blast playing in her diaper, ha.  Yes, I am definitely that mom that lets her child run in a diaper at a beach :)  Much easier to clean up that way!  I also managed to get a makeup-free picture with Brad.  Don't judge.  I have to take what I get!

Monday was pretty uneventful - Brad worked on the fence some more (which included hacking at a gas line he didn't know was there, thankfully it turned out to be an old line...which we discovered after the emergency gas guy had to come out on Labor Day. Oops), I dealt with Hadley's...bathroom...crisis of the year.  Let's just say that she usually gets lots of fruit and fiber to balance the milk and the last few days she hadn't been getting as much fiber, but just as much milk.  It was actually heart-wrenching listening to her scream in anguish at trying to push out what must've felt like a watermelon.  It was a good lesson for Momma - I've got lots of fruit on hand along with prune juice as a backup!

We're taking it easy this week as we have another busy weekend coming up.  Happy Wednesday!

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