Gettin' Our Pictures Made

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I could be totally off base on this...but for some reason I feel like "getting your picture made" was a Southern expression that I would hear my mom or grandma say.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but we got our pictures made, FINALLY.  Here's a sad story for you...

These were our very first family photos.  Like, the very first photos.  Yes, Hadley is over a month old in them.  I literally shake my head every time I think of this.  

Basically what happened is that, in the operating room we weren't allowed to bring cameras in - which is a real joke cause we didn't even have our cell phones charged or a hospital bag or anything when I went into surgery - so when Hadley was born, there wasn't a picture of the three of us in the OR.  So then we were wheeled to our room and since she was born at 4:20am and I had been in labor the night before, I was beyond dead tired.  So I slept and then people started coming and I don't know...we just never got a picture.  Not a cell phone picture or anything.  So terrible and as morbid as it is I would panic if I couldn't get a hold of Brad at times cause the thought would cross my mind, "What if something happened to him and we would never have a family picture?!?"  

So anyway, we got my sister-in-law to get a few pictures of us on a nice fall day.  Nothing special...except that they're our VERY FIRST PHOTOS TOGETHER!

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