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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My brain is all over the place this morning so I'm just doing the good 'ol bullet point list... 
  • Hadley had a round of shots yesterday - her pneumococcal and Hib vaccines - and it was absolutely heartbreaking for me.  I cried like a baby afterwards, and that's pretty funny since I didn't even cry when she was born.  She did really well, only cried for a minute and was smiling soon after.  However, last night she ran a 102 degree fever so I broke out the baby Tylenol.  That is the probably the worst feeling in the world, seeing your baby not feel good.  After the Tylenol she was fine, though, and I snapped this little pic of her while we were "talking" in bed...seriously, how could you not love this little girl??  Can't get enough of that belly and those thighs!

  • This weekend was our hunting opener so all of us girls in the family got together and spent Saturday doing some shopping on Main Street.  Exciting, I know :)  But it really was exciting because there's a new little consignment shop in our town and I found some of the cutest clothes for Hadley for really great prices.  Cause let me tell ya, you go through one good shopping spree where you buy brand new baby clothes for your infant and they wear them twice before they grow out of them, you start realizing that it truly is throwing money away to buy new.  Yes, there's the whole "I can use them for the next baby" argument but who knows if we would have another girl and then I'd have all these baby girl clothes that cost a fortune and Hadley wore once or twice.  And I'm working at getting over my "I don't want my baby in secondhand clothes" poor attitude.  Spending $15 on clothes that were in perfect condition that would've cost $75+ at full price helps a lot.  Here's a perfect example of spending full price on a pair of pants...see those little jeans?  She's worn those maybe three times.  They're about to come to her knees and they don't hardly button over her fat little belly anymore. [side note, I love seeing my young cousins/brothers-in-law holding Hadley.  They're totally comfortable to just come and pick her up, which I think is so sweet]

  • I'm definitely excited for Thanksgiving (read: Thanksgiving food) but I'm most excited to have a couple days off work.  I feel so dang stressed out right now with life that I'm looking forward to waking up and sitting on the couch, rather than sitting down to my desk first thing, and just looking out the window and not doing anything.  I've got family coming in tomorrow evening so who knows how much of that I'll do, but I'm just excited to have some time not sitting at this desk.  
  • I am loving the show Nashville.  Love it.  Also watching Hart of Dixie, and have recently started watching Made in Chelsea, which is a reality show about some rich young people living in London. Totally different world but very interesting.  Definitely has a scripted feel to it - like the young businessman Francis getting a massage in his office while his gorgeous foreign intern goes over their notes?  Little too contrived.  But whatever, it's entertainment.
Gotta get to work!  Just think, today is our Thursday!  

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