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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alright, I'm going to admit it - I loved Zumba.  Loved it.  And attending the class on Tuesday night definitely affirmed my belief that it's our generation's Jazzercise.  I say that nicely, for the most part :)  I was the youngest one in the class, first off, and while we were standing around waiting for it to start I was able to watch a 40ish year old woman warm up by doing her Zumba moves.  Then another woman came in, she was very pretty and probably in her late 40's?  Very pretty makeup, seemed very sweet and conservative....and kid you not, the woman came alive in the class!  I mean, hip-grinding, butt-shaking, nearly-lifting-her-shirt at one point (yes, seriously). Then there were a few senior citizens in the class, as well, which always makes you skeptical at the intensity in the class.

Overall, I had a blast dancing and felt that, while I didn't get an intensive workout, I got my heart rate up and actually had fun while doing it. If you like dancing, Zumba is a great class to check out.

Did anyone else watch Hart of Dixie on Monday night?

Holy cow, I am obsessed.  First....can we just talk about the fact that it takes place in a small town in the South?  Hello, my dream life.  Secondly....Rachel Bilson and her ridiculously adorable self and wardrobe.  Can I have her hair?  And pretty much everything she wears?  Thirdly...really looking forward to seeing how they play her relationships out with Wade (is that his name?  The bad boy?) and George (who was also in Friday Night Lights, aka Best Show Ever on TV).  The acting isn't going to win any awards, but it doesn't matter.  I'm in love.

Is it feeling like Friday to anyone else today???

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