Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Being that it's Fall [in fact, we should be hitting our peak colors here this weekend or next week.  Un-freaking-believable...] I'm due for a hair color change.  I've found that, in a small town, getting your hair done is so reasonably priced that I typically can go about 4 times a year for coloring.  Health of my hair aside...I usually go dark blonde in the spring and lighten it up even more in the summer, and in the fall I'm always drawn to warm, rich colors.  Except that I've dated/married a man who just really doesn't want me to go dark with my hair.  I've appeased him all these years except for one, and here's the proof:

That also happened to be my year abroad when we weren't dating :) 

My hair appointment is this Friday, and here's what I'm thinking --

This is a little darker than I would probably go, considering that she's got gorgeous olive skin and I have very fair, pale skin.  But I really like the rich color of it.

Here's one other option --

This girl is much more my coloring, and the hair is a shade or two lighter than what I would want.  But I like the warm honey color.

I think I'll take both pictures and see what my stylist thinks.  I'll make sure to post pics once it's done.

On an un-related note, I'm attending a Zumba class tonight.  I'm a little dubious just cause something about the Zumba craze reminds me of the Jazzercise craze...and we can all remember how popular that was with moms in the 90's.  The Zumba instructor is in my Spinning class and she said she sweats as much in Zumba as she does in Spinning, so that should mean something cause I sweat like crazy in Spinning.  Plus the dancing aspect sounds fun.  Here's to hoping it's not cheesy!

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  1. I love the dark hair! I'm changing my hair up tomorrow- doing the ombre look! And you will love Zumba- it's so much fun!


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