Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Growing up, I swear that the only place my mom ever took me school clothes shopping to was Kohl's. As a result...I hate Kohl's now :) However, I had some time to kill earlier this week in the next town over (actually 45 min away, blech), so I decided to stop in to Kohl's and see what I could find.

Now...I knew Lauren Conrad (famous from MTV The Hills) was doing her own clothing line, and I totally blew it off as, "She's famous and rich, it will probably be crap like all the other celeb lines." Until I actually saw her little section in my Kohl's store.

Here's a few of my faves from her (Kohl's) website:

This fall I have noticed myself only wanting to buy ivory, rose, and gold tones. They're immensely flattering on any skin tone - especially a fading tan skin tone, so sad - and just feel so girly and pretty. I actually purchased the ivory blazer up there, and I'm wearing it now with a white v-neck and gold jewelry. It's classic. The tanks up at the top I could picture with some dark trouser jeans, or skinnies & flats (or under a black - or even better, ivory! suit coat - Annie!) Her dresses are also gorgeous and worth checking out.

Best part of her's well-priced and seems to always be on sale!

side note pet peeve - why do the mannequins have no chest?? very odd.

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