Technical difficulties & crying in the mall

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So, it's a really long story that I started to type out but then I realized, "Who would want to read all that?" So to make a long story short, I cried in the mall this weekend. Just flat-out started crying. And the sad part of the story is that it was because I couldn't find anything to buy.

I've discovered that's what happens when you're a girl that loves to shop and then moves to small town that's hours away from the nearest mall. You go shopping less and less, and eventually when you do go shopping, you have no clue what to buy cause everything looks pretty and new. Being that I get overwhelmed - no joke - when picking out a drink at the gas station, I get extremely overwhelmed when I'm at a mall surrounded by beautiful things. I want it all...and can only afford one or two things. And that makes me mad, and then I start getting depressed, and suddenly I'm standing in the middle of the mall crying.

Ridiculous. Not to mention embarrassing.

At any rate, I recovered, thanks to a very patient and sweet husband, and ended up getting a few things at NY & Co (they have great sales, good 'ol BOGO) and Target. My favorite purchase?

They're navy & white striped! If you know me, you know that's my thing. Or, as my MIL calls it, my signature. I love stripes to begin with, but navy and white are my favorite.

As a side note, if you notice I'm not posting much on my brand new blog, it's cause the computer I'm using is from 2001 and I literally walk out of the room while it's loading pages. It's SLOW. It's tough to blog with an old, dying computer. We've got a new one in the works here, so stick with me!!

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  1. First: Shame on you for not telling me about this gorgeous, new blog! I had to find you myself (through Annie) and that's just not convenient. ;) The blog is adorable and I'm excited to follow.

    Second: I've been wanting those Target shoes forever. I saw them on sale last weekend and had to pass because of our terrible budget (just used the "B" word, icky.). It was so hard to walk away from them...


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