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Monday, February 9, 2015

// sick days //

So our family spent the last week or so knocked out with the flu.  Or a really awful cold, not sure what it was.  At any rate, it hit Brad on a Thursday night and by Saturday afternoon all three of us were laid up on the couch.  Coughing, fever, chills, aches...Brad even had a stomach bug to his, poor guy.  I'm just thankful that Hadley really didn't seem to get too sick at all, she just had about a day and a half of being feverish/coughing.  And also need to say that there should be some law that moms aren't allowed to get sick, especially if the kids are sick.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you want to die....and then having to get up and tend to your fussy, (understandably) whiny 2 year old.

// essential oils //

Lately I've really gotten into the essential oil fad.  Just callin' it what it is :)  I definitely believe in their effectiveness and I love that I have an alternative to synthetic drugs/chemicals to treat things now.  I mean, I'm still gonna give Ibuprofen when Hadley's running a high fever - mama don't play with those fevers, sorrynotsorry - but when we were all sick I was using DoTerra Breathe and OnGuard (blends that respectively promote chest congestion relief and immune support), putting Lavender in Hadley's bath and diffuser, and wiping surfaces with Lemon and OnGuard.  I've also been using Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree Oil) for facial cleansing and putting Lavender on some red spots on my cheeks.
My next project is to make some essential oil-infused body butter (using Shea Butter and Coconut Oil) and lip balm.  I've discovered I love making all natural bath products - recently made Lavender Bath Melts and they were amazing!

// foodie //

I've always enjoyed cooking but lately I've been on a cooking rampage.  I don't know if it's cause we got rid of our microwave (I just don't like the radiation aspect...yes, where's my tin foil hat, ha) but in the last month I feel like I can't get enough of cooking new recipes with fresh ingredients.  This recipe for Pasta with Butternut Squash, Spicy Sausage and Spinach is a favorite.

// gratefulness // 

If I had to pick a negative word to describe myself, I could easily say "complainy."  I am just a complainer.  If it's too cold, I'm unhappy.  If I want something I can't have, I'm unhappy.  If a restaurant gives me the wrong food, I'm unhappy.  If someone says something I don't like, I'm defensive guessed it...unhappy.
One of the ways I'm trying to get better about this is by finding things to be grateful for everyday.  Even if it's in small things like, the sun is out!  Or Hadley didn't ask to watch TV for an hour straight! I'm just trying to find the good in my simple little life.  Obviously I'm always so, so thankful for the big things - like our health and a roof over our heads and food, etc - but I'm learning that changing your attitude often means finding contentment in the little tiny things and turning them into big things, you know?
Like right now I'm drinking a Diet Coke after not having one for the last week or so - trying to cut back - and it's really, really making me happy.  And for that I'm thankful :)

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