Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As I've mentioned before (about a million times), my first 10k is coming up this weekend. Want to see ALL the information I have on it? Yep, it's this little teeny ad right here. They also threw in a map of the course, which looks like something Columbus used to navigate his way into America. Really, no street names?? Odd. That's a small town for you.

Anyway, I definitely know that I'm prepared for it. I've ran (almost) the full distance, done a lot of running and training the past few months, and yet I'm still terrified that the day of the race I just.....won't be able to run it? I don't know what I'm worried about! But I almost get sick with nerves when I think of it.

One thing that I think is throwing me is that there's a couple hills in there, and I really haven't trained on hills at all, as we just don't have many in our town. Map My Run has a great feature that will tell you the climbs on your run, how long they are, the incline in feet, the grade of the hill, etc. And the biggest hill I'm worried about is truthfully not that big, but still. I'm worried.
I'm going to do my 3 mile run tonight on some hills in a more remote part of town, which I always hate cause it's road running and you just never know what crazies you might run into. BUT I carry mace so that helps me feel better.

Any advice for a 10k first-timer??

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  1. I wish I had advice for you, I bailed on my half. I know you can do it though! Good luck!


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