Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm on lunch, so this will be quick!

This weekend my mother-in-law and I went to visit my sister-in-law since all the men were out of town. It was a fun weekend spent with Brad's family, and it (again) reminded me how thankful I am to be close to my in-laws, especially my mother-in-law.

So, here's the damage, 1st at Target:

I am obsessed with these shirts! I have to say, the website pictures never do the clothes justice. But anyway, these are the Mossimo Military Tunic in Pebble & Black, and yes I DID buy them in both colors. I bought them both cause I really couldn't decide which one I liked better, and as soon as I got home I knew I would have to keep them both. They're a lightweight silky material, fit like a dream, and can be dressed up or dressed down. I wore the Pebble yesterday tucked into black skinny's (skinnies? Anyway, promise it was cute) with my gladiator sandals that are the same color. Oh, and I also don't button it up that high, and wore a thin white tank underneath.

Also bought this shower curtain, which I love. The picture, again, does nothing for it. I recently painted our bathroom off-white, so this complements it well. I'm going to accent with the Robin's Egg Blue that's in the curtain, should be pretty!

Finally, I bought these two shirts from American Eagle (on sale for $10!):

If you know me, you know I am absolutely, completely, fully, ridiculously obsessed with big navy stripes. Brad rolls his eyes when I buy shirts that are navy/white striped now cause I already have so many of them! But they're my favorite. Anyway, these shirts are a perfect summer-y thin material, and I actually bought them to wear as a swimsuit cover-up. Sure, I'll wear them other places, but I loved the deep V-neck, the looseness and the gauzy material. Just felt like the lake to me!

I also bought a couple Old Navy tanks that they actually came out with last year that I LOVED - seriously, they're amazing layering tanks. Kind of a heart shaped neckline, deep v-neck (I also am all about V neck and rarely wear crew neck), and have thin lace straps (which I'm usually not a fan of but for some reason I don't mind these). But they brought them back this year and I added white & gray to my collection.

And finally I bought a new white Nike Cotton Dri-Fit tank. Best workout shirts, in my opinion!

Speaking of workout, I did a 6 mile run yesterday! Okay - technically it was 5.97 miles which really chapped me cause I had mapped out 6 miles, but I took a shortcut so I wouldn't have to run on a busy highway (downside of living in a small town and on a busy highway, it's hard to map out long distance runs that avoid them), but it ended up cutting the run short about .25 miles. Anyway, my legs got tired, but my breathing/endurance felt good to the point that I wasn't even winded when I finished. My pace was between 9:30-9:58, and while I'm sure I slowed down some on my own, the wind was absolutely wicked yesterday and running on an open highway (on a running path, thankfully) didn't help it at all. My knee is a little sore today, which concerns me some since my 10k is this Saturday. But I think I only run once this week, per my Hal Higdon plan, so that should help.

Okay, this was MUCH longer than I planned, so I obviously need to blog more, ha!

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  1. Love those shirts from Target, might have to go buy some!


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