Thursday, July 28, 2011

a girlfriend of mine recently decided to do a juicing fast for about 7-10 days, and she would randomly put updates on facebook about how it was going. I decided it was a great idea, but Ididn't have a juicer. last Sunday night, though, Brad and I were at his parents house and I remembered that his Mom had a juicer (side note, his mom beat ovarian cancer 6 years ago by doing all natural treatments in Mexico at a clinic that wasn't FDA approved - no money in it, ha - and it included doing lots and lots of juicing). I asked if I could borrow it, and a few hours later I was at Wal Mart picking out tons of fruit and veggies.

At first I thought I would juice exclusively for 3 days, but after almost wrecking on the drive home from work due to extreme hunger, I decided to just juice for breakfast and lunch and eat salads for dinner.

That lasted for 2 days. So now I'm juicing breakfast and lunch and eating veggies and fruits in between whenever I get hungry. I'm not gonna lie...I don't feel any better. Maybe it's cause I'm still drinking a cup of coffee in the morning? I don't know. Maybe it takes a while to see the benefits of it, who knows. All I know is, I'm starving most of the time, and when I'm starving, I'm cranky.

In other news, my sister-in-law got married a couple weeks ago! She was a beautiful, beautiful bride. Here's a picture of me, Marie (the bride), my sister-in-law Leah (brown hair) and Brad's Mom, and also Halle, Leah's daughter (the flower girl. She was my flower girl, too!)

I would like to add, I had approximately 7 minutes to get ready for this picture (I did all the photos besides the ceremony & family/wedding party photos), hence the icky hair! I did not wear it like that for the wedding :)


  1. I watched this crazy documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The guy juiced for 60 days!! He lost some crazy amount of weight (and his skin looked great!) but he didn't get out of bed the first few days because he was so depressed.
    I buy the occasional juice at Whole Foods but I just couldn't live for any length of time on juice alone.

  2. I so want to do something like this, too...but, I swear I'd have to lock myself somewhere away from my family! NO WAY I could cook for this family and NOT eat! You're braver than me, lady!

  3. NMB - I'm so, so jealous you have a Whole Foods to get juice at! I stopped by our organic store after I saw your tweets about getting juice there, and they do smoothies but not juice.
    Carrie - Yeah, it's difficult. I think I only cooked for Brad one night this week?? I think being at home most of the day would be very tough, at least at work I only have what I bring.

  4. I did a couple of weeks on sugar free protein shakes to do a sugar detox. I was pretty miserable for the first few days, too.

    That is so cool about your mother-in-law! It's nice to know that someone beat it without chemo and radiation.


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