Thursday, July 7, 2011

this summer has been to keep it simple, here's a breakdown of life right now:

home - spending a lot of time on my own these days. Brad is working 60-70 hours a week right now, and to be perfectly sucks. Such is the nature of finishing up a home by a deadline, though. When he is home, we're grilling out lots, eating a lot of fruit & sweet corn, keeping up with yardwork (which consists of two piddly little plants and my hydrangea bushes) and playing with Bo.

work - I've been given the challenging task of taking over the company's eBay store and re-working spreadsheets for a catalog. It's both rewarding and frustrating...thankfully, I can spend my lunch hours lounging on my boss's family pontoon on their lake! [oh, and talking to one of my girlfriend's who happens to be working for his family this summer as a nanny].

work out - my current schedule is Mon - step interval class, Tues - yoga, Wed - spin, Thurs - cross training (whatever I feel like doing), and then I just workout on the weekend as I feel like it. I'm contemplating running the Medtronic 10 Mile in Minneapolis in October, IF I can get into it via their lottery system. We'll see...oh, and my spinning class is going good. I had some initial complaints the first time I took it cause, even though I generally like the instructor, the man does NOT have an ear for workout music. He has a knack for playing the slowest, most un-motivating songs during the hardest part of the workout. Thankfully he was open to using my own mix last week!

summer plans - it's so sad, Brad has worked SO much lately that we haven't done anything this summer! This weekend we're going to the rodeo in the next town over cause one of our favorite bands is playing at the dance afterwards, next weekend is Brad's sister's wedding, which should be a TON of fun! We'd love to get to Minneapolis one of these weekends coming up, and I'm sure that August will give us more opportunities to be out and about. Oh, and our 2 year anniversary AND Brad's birthday is in the same week in August! Definite cause to celebrate. current favorite:

Food - brussel sprouts & sweet potato fries

Song - anything by Ellie Goulding

Obsession - the Casey Anthony trial (still in shock over it, really interested to see how her life pans out)

Summer drink - Absolut Ruby Red & Tonic w/ a splash of lime

So...until next month! [kidding...sort of]

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  1. Did you buy one of the special seat cushions for your spin class? I used to do spin a few times a week, and I was SO sore for the first month ;)

    I hope you guys are able to plan something fun for your anniversary/Brad's birthday!


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