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Thursday, March 8, 2012

That's my 15 week belly!  I won't lie, I'm a little concerned now that if I'm showing this much at 15 weeks then I'm in trouble!  Oh, and sorry for the crappy picture.  It's hard to take a side shot of yourself.  I should've at least used Instagram to make it a little artsier...

I've been keeping track of my pregnancy over at a different blog - of course I had a different blog, considering I've already had 4 in the last 5 years, ha - so if wants to go read back to the beginning, here's the link:

immeasurably more

Basically, you'll see my belly grow and read all about my basket case moments in the first trimester.  Believe me, I had them in spades and Brad was so, so happy for me to get out of that awful time!  Pregnancy really is a blessing, but I did not enjoy the first three months.  Everyone tells you to enjoy it, and while of course I was so thankful to be pregnant, I did not enjoy feeling sick all day, or being tired beyond belief all day, or having constant fear that something was going to go wrong...the list goes on and on.

Overall, being pregnant has been pretty easy - but that's easy to say when you're only 15 weeks ;)  I did have some spotting from weeks 6 - 10, which made life incredibly stressful, but that cleared up and it's been smooth sailing.  We got pregnant the first time we tried, which was really funny because for our entire marriage, Brad was NOT ready to have a baby.  And the first month he said he was ready and excited to have kids was the first month we "tried" and lo and behold, we made us a baby.  I think I'm just now getting over the shock that it happened so quickly and easily!

I think what I'm most happy about in all of this is that, even though I never envisioned myself being a 30 year old mom, I am SO happy that Brad and I really experienced married life with just the two of us before we started a family.  We took trips to Tennessee, to Georgia, to Florida, made countless weekend trips to Minneapolis, spent so many weekends on the lake in the summer, went to concerts, had hundreds of late nights out with friends, and just really grew in our love for one another.  Now that we're starting a new chapter of our life it's a little bittersweet to look back and realize that we won't have that time again with just the two of us for a long, long time.  But we're so excited and can't wait to start our new journey.

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  1. What???? I didn't know you were pregnant!!! How awesome is that! Congratulations to you all! :)


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