After Christmas Recuperation

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas around these parts is a total event.  Not just a one day ordeal that you meet to open gifts and then eat dinner type of day, but rather, the holiday usually spans a couple of days.  There's the "everyone's in town for Christmas" dinner that occurs two days before Christmas.  Then there's Christmas Eve, which starts late afternoon at church and ends late that night.  And then of course there's Christmas Day, which starts off with a big brunch and lasts until well into the night.

SO, with all that being said, this Momma is tuckered out!  Hadley and I spent all day today in our pajamas, just hanging around the house and trying to get ourselves back into some resemblance of a routine.  Tough with a 4 month old.

Our Christmas was wonderful, though!  It was so sweet because we told all of Brad's family last year on Christmas Eve that we were pregnant, and this year we had our sweet baby girl, which was easily my best Christmas gift ever.  We had a great year, gift-wise - I got Brad a few shirts and some fly fishing stuff and his brother's bought him the fly rod he's been dying for, so he was happy.  And here's what Brad bought me...

A Verismo, the Starbucks One-Cup Coffee Maker.  I couldn't tell you if it's any better than the Keurigs but I love these because you can actually make lattes with them.  It was getting a little ridiculous when I would make my coffee because I would brew a small pot of coffee just for one cup in the morning.

And one thing that I bought for myself with some Christmas money --

The Sensationail Gel Polish kit that you can purchase at WalMart.  It's an at-home gel polish kit that comes with everything you need to do your own nails.  I was a little unsure about it but I had read a great review on it that sold me, so I decided to purchase it and I'm SO happy I did.  It didn't take very long at all to do my nails, and even now they look as fresh and shiny as they did four days ago when I put it on.  However, taking it off might be a different story, I'll check back on that when the time comes :)

And finally, here's a very random picture of Hadley on Christmas Eve in her Christmas dress - she looked SO sweet in it, but I'll be darned if the girl didn't spit up all over it and then have a big blowout up her back while at church in it!  We took this picture right when we got home before we stripped her down, we were in a hurry and I realized when Brad was getting her undressed that we hadn't gotten a picture of her in it.  Hence why it's blurry and she's not looking :)

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