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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas is always such a busy time, isn't it?  We actually haven't been that busy, but no kidding, I still feel like I'm behind on everything since we moved.  I have so many things to do in here - hang up decorations, hang up curtains, still have boxes to unpack...and I'll tell you what, when it gets dark around 4:45pm you just lose your motivation, especially after working all day long.

Anyway, here's a recent picture of the baby girl...

I've started putting her in the Johnny Jumper and she loves it.  She doesn't have the longest attention span for it, I think it's still a little bit uncomfortable for her, but when you first put her in she smiles and tiptoes around in circles.  Very sweet.

We got our Christmas card ordered and printed, now I just have to address them and send them out.  Brad keeps laughing at me and telling me that people are going to get their cards after Christmas but then I tell him, we still have two weeks until Christmas!  The last few times I've needed cards for anything - showers, invites, announcements, etc - I've gone to Etsy and searched for printable cards.  You find a design you like, usually pay $15-$20 for the design, send them your picture, get the card back and upload it to and you're done!  By the way, WalMart has great quality for cards and whenever they can detect that you're printing a card of some sort they give you envelopes, which is really nice.

Weight Watchers is going really well!  I've been on it for two weeks now and I've lost 5lbs.  Doesn't seem like a lot but I'm now back in my pre-pregnancy weight range and have 10lbs to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  It's hard at times, especially when you like to drink your calories (coffee creamer and juice get me everytime) and having a glass of wine has become a special treat (and that's only a 5oz glass of wine, which is like a quarter of the glass!)  I've found that part of the reason why I think WW works so well is that weight loss really comes down to your diet.  I think pretty much the only people who can eat whatever they want and not gain weight b/c they're exercising so much are marathoners.  The rest of us, weight loss - in my opinion - is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  Exercise is so necessary for your health and it helps the weight come off faster, but let's face's hard to get to the gym these days.

I've gotta get crackin' on's to a good Tuesday!

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  1. 5lbs is awesome! I always have such a hard time sticking to it because one night of drinking and you're done!


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