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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to my life lately:

Honestly, having weather that is NEGATIVE FIFTEEN (or lower, it has been lower than that this week) has to be some sort of punishment from God.  I almost believe that, no joke.  For those of you that have never gotten the pleasure of experiencing any kind of negative temperatures, here's my summary: you walk outside and your lungs immediately seize up and you feel like you have to cough (at least I do).  The snow - if there is snow, which usually there is up here - doesn't push around under your feet, you just sorta squeak on top of it.  It almost makes your skin burn if you have to stand out in it for more than a minute.  And the most uncomfortable sensation is that the hair in your nose starts to freeze up.  It's so weird.  Or maybe I just have a lot of hair in my nose, I don't know?  
At any rate, I know they say that hell is supposed to be a fiery furnace but I'm thinking that it's really a frozen negative wasteland.  
So because of it being so blasted cold this week, I have literally done almost nothing.  I've gone out once with my sister in law, and yesterday when it warmed up to about 10 degrees (which seriously felt SO good) I went to the store and to get my bangs trimmed.  Otherwise, I have been hunkered down in my house with this little lady:

Who, in this picture that was taken on a Friday night around 10pm, had decided that she apparently wasn't tired at all.  Whatever, it was a Friday and thankfully we didn't have to get up for work the next day, but when they're this age and they're wide awake past their bedtime, this happy little attitude only lasts for about 10 minutes.  Then it turns into fussing and squirming and eye-rubbing and general crankiness.  But yet they are awake and don't want to be rocked, shushed or head-rubbed to sleep.  Or maybe just my child, cause let's face, I'm clearly no Sleep Whisperer.  I just thank the good Lord she sleeps through the night!

Here she is watching her Praise Baby DVD and starting to take after her Daddy with the "blank stare at the TV" expression.  (Just kidding, she was yawning.  But still, it's funny).  If you don't follow me on IG this won't make sense but you know that picture I posted of me wearing socks and how I said I don't ever wear socks?  As you can I'm passing this down to my child.  I have to remind myself to put socks on her because while my feet might not mind the cold I'm sure it's not comfortable for her little ones!

And this has been my obsession - creating my own pretty documents in Microsoft Word (cause I don't have a clue how to use Photoshop or whatever program you would use for this kind of stuff).  I've made this calendar and a meal planner document that are pink and perfect for February!

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  1. Holy moly is that cold! I don't know how you do it, its been hovering between 13 and 25 here and I can't handle it! Stay warm!


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