The worst month EVER

Monday, March 11, 2013

No, really.  The last 3-4 weeks have been just terrible, cause our little family of 3 was hit with every imaginable flu/bug/cold out there.  Here's what it looked like - 

Saturday (a few weeks ago?) - Brad comes down with a 48hr stomach bug
Sunday night - I feel a cold coming on
Monday-Friday - I've got a full-blown cold, with a sore throat, sinus pain, headache, etc
Friday - Hadley starts coughing a little.  We had her 6 mo appt that day so Dr listened to her chest but all was good. I'm feeling better but starting to get a nasty cough
[Weekend was decent, we ventured outside a couple times to get some fresh air.  I am having coughing fits at night and Hadley is sleeping like crap, though.]
Monday - notice Hadley's eyes are gunking up a lot
Tuesday - Hadley's definitely got something going on with her eyes, looked like it could be pink eye but I was certain it wasn't cause where would she have gotten that??  Tuesday afternoon she's running a fever so I schedule a Dr appt for Wednesday
Wednesday - Find out Hadley has pink eye.  In both eyes.  Turns out that if they have a cold their congestion can come out in their eyes and it's a form of (contagious still) pink eye. BUT - Brad and I are feeling good, so I get her eye drops and figure we'll clear it up and move on from sickness. 
Thursday - Brad calls from work and says he's coming home early cause he feels achy and sick.  This is significant cause Brad NEVER EVER misses work.  EVER.  I literally cried on the couch cause I was so worn out from sickness.  Then I make him go to the Dr to make absolutely sure he doesn't have influenza.  Definitely an overreaction but I am bound and determined to not expose Hadley to it, if that's the case. Plus Brad and I didn't get flu shots and we didn't get it for Hadley.  He goes to the Dr and doesn't have the flu but  they give him amoxicillin for...something.  Still not sure what.  (Sending a man to the Dr and trying to find out what they said is like sending a 5 year old, in my opinion.)
Friday-Monday - Brad still doesn't feel great but is better
Tuesday - Brad's feeling better!  I feel good!  Hadley's eyes are cleared up and she's not coughing much! 
Tuesday night - I start feeling nauseous and  All night long feel like I need to vomit
Wednesday-Saturday - I have the stomach bug.  I felt nauseous, headache-y and worn out.  No appetite.  
Sunday - Finally...all 3 of us are feeling better!  

So that brings us to today.  I woke up with a bit of a headache, but I will happily take that.  I am not kidding, I have NEVER in my life gone through anything like that.  And believe me, I know how fortunate we are to have this be our "big ordeal", many millions of people struggle with much harder things.  But truly, sickness can just be the most discouraging thing to deal with.  By this last week, I was going crazy, telling Brad we needed to have the air quality in our house tested and inspected for mold or all sorts of nutty things.  (Keeping in mind that 90% of our town has been going through all of this for the last month).  I think another thing that contributed to my craziness was a lack of sleep.  We had moved Hadley to her room early in all this sickness stuff and I know I didn't sleep well those nights, and then when she got sick and was waking up a lot we moved her back into our room, and she was sleeping terribly so that obviously affected me.  But we're all cleared up now, so back in her room she will go.  

All that is to say, I am SO HAPPY we're over this sickness crap. I've been opening the windows to get some fresh air in the house and washing our hands like crazy.  I'm not a Lysol/bleach user but if I were...I would be going nuts with the stuff, ha!  

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  1. That sounds terrible! Glad you're all better!


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