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Friday, November 15, 2013

As a rule, I pretty much hate WalMart.  Mostly because I feel like they could be SO much better than Target - I mean, they practically own the world - and they just settle for crap clothes, crap decor, crap EVERYTHING.  Seriously, I am there like every other day and I never ever see anything cute there.  Now granted, the WalMart in our town is a bare bones, nothing-special WalMart.  I've been surprised at other ones to see that occasionally they do carry cute stuff.  So imagine my surprise when I found this cute shirt there this week:

It's basically a dolman tee but I'm calling it a swing tee.  It's loose, super soft, covers the hiney, but is fitted in the arms.  It also has a wider neckline, which I'm a fan of.  I bought it in black and also an emerald green.  These kind of shirts are so my style now, mainly because I'm all about hiding that post-baby belly (that I still have, ha).  BEST PART - it's $9.94.  Here's the link to it: Women's Dolman Sleeve Tee.


This would be my small town version of shopping at Target with a Starbucks drink - that's a McDonald's latte at WalMart.  Find joy in the little things, right?!?


I finally bought a Keurig.  I felt bad because Brad had actually bought me the Starbucks Verismo last year for Christmas and to be honest, I really like that machine but it's annoying cause you can only buy the coffee pods for it at Macy's or Bed Bath and Beyond (and Starbucks).  The closest I am to those stores is at least an hour and a half and inevitably I run out every time without having more on hand (even though every time I go to the big city I spend around $60 on those stupid things).  Anyway....that's all to say that I'm ECSTATIC to finally own one of these - I can buy the pods at WalMart, and have a much bigger variety to choose from.  On a side note, Starbucks really dropped the ball with their machine, it's pretty pitiful when you go to Bed Bath and Beyond and see the Verismo section - it's like half a shelf.  JOKE.

I bought a Christmas dress for Hadley from BabyGap on eBay for $10....

It's in perfect condition!  It's a little bit big though and I have to get a sweater for her to wear with it.  I also bought her a little dress from Baby Gap on super sale:

She wore it in some Christmas pictures we took recently that I can't WAIT to share.  I love it!

We're maybe - MAYBE - thinking about doing a beach vacation without Hadley sometime this spring and are trying to find some places with good deals in Mexico.  We're looking for an all-inclusive that isn't too pricey but has decent food....I'm open to suggestions!!!

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