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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yes, it's been a long time.  Jumping right in!

We've been busy around here.  We've had birthday celebrations (mine!), Halloween, random...things, and now the HOLIDAYS!!  I'm pretty excited for them this year.

Here's a shot from my birthday weekend -

We got a sitter for the night and went out to eat, then went to my favorite little bar in town for some live music.  It was fun, but the one "thing" with my birthday - Oct 28th - is that we're always celebrating it the same weekend as Halloween, which I just do NOT get into.  Not for any particular reason, it's just not my thing to get all dressed up.  Hence the person in the giant sombrero behind us.  No, we were not at a Mexican restaurant.  (Ha - just be glad that it wasn't the girl who dressed up as Miley Cyrus a la VMA's in the background....)

Then it was Halloween, which we dressed our little lady up for -

 She was a monkey!  This was taken at Brad's work.  She was so dang cute in that little costume.  Here's a family shot.  It's only awkward cause Hadley wasn't havin' anything to do with that little hood and was squirming all over to take it off.  Side note, my husband has some HUGE hands -

Then we've just had random play dates, but I've discovered that Hadley loves her a dog.  Case in point...

The above picture is with my girlfriend's Lab, and the bottom picture is with another girlfriend's GREAT DANE.  She loved them both!  (Also a side note, please note the stone fireplaces in each house.  Yes, we live in the Northwoods, haha!)

As for just different "life" things, there's not been too much going on.  I'm in a weird place of trying to decide if we want to start trying to grow the family or wait another 6 months or so.  I'm much more in the "WAIT" camp but I'm also 32, so....
I've also started up running again and man....I MISSED it.  So dang much.  It's a little funny when I get on the treadmill and I'm starting my pace at 5.6mph, cause prior to the baby coming along I was makin' hay at 6mph and above (NOT that fast by any stretch but you realize how much faster it is when you're starting at 5.6, you know?!?).  But you start where you start, and I'm just loving the feeling again of going.  Even better than that stupid treadmill, I ran outside this last weekend and it seriously felt like a drug.  Stupid to say, but in my opinion, if you love running you know the feeling.

Well, I think that's about it!  Really not much happening around here.  Hadley is growing and changing every day, some of her words are "baby", "bottle" (even though we're not on bottles anymore, this is what she calls her milk sippy...just sayin'!), "pretty" ("pitty" - TOO CUTE), "dog", and the other day I swear she tried to say her name.  She's a climbing machine, too - literally can't take my eyes off her for long cause when I do, she's on top of the couch arm trying to turn the lights off!

And finally....because I'm thinking she's starting to love her Daddy a little more than she loves her Momma...

Makes my heart about burst, I swear.  Every girl needs her a good Daddy, and Hadley hit the jackpot with hers.

On that note, I'm gonna go run my bath and enjoy the peace and quiet around here!  Hope everyone's having a good week :)

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