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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This Friday night I'm going to my first concert in a loooong time to see Jason Aldean, and I.am.excited!  I love my country music, and he's always been one of my favorites.  I saw him in concert about 3 years ago when he was opening for Brooks & Dunn on their farewell tour, and it was so good.  I'm going with a girlfriend of mine and we got AWESOME floor seats, which thrills me even more.  I'm a total stand-up-and-dance-the-whole-time kind of girl, and when I saw him with B&D we were in a section where everyone was literally sitting the ENTIRE time, like they were at a funeral.  It was weird and awkward and made me seriously grouchy cause who wants to be the one person standing up and dancing and singing??  Not me.  So anyway, this time should be a lot better.

On a side note, can we just compare these pictures of him?

I told Brad recently that he looks as though he's living HARD out on the road.  The man just looks haggard and....flat eyed?  I don't know.  All I know is I love his music - old stuff is the very best - and am counting the days til I see him live.

I'm also trying to figure out what to wear.  What does one wear to a country concert (besides the obvious, boots?!?)  I could talk all about how I feel like I've lost any sense of style I once had and thus hate figuring out what to wear for things...but that's another post for another day.  Anyway, for a long time I've wanted some booties that were a little more casual than the heeled ones I have, and lookie what I found at Target this last weekend for TEN DOLLAS!!!

It's the Kodi boot from Target, found here.  I wouldn't have paid full price for these cause I'm not super crazy about the big heel, but I figure for $10 that they're worth it!  Plus, you always need a little bit of extra height at a concert :)

Sooo...I'm thinking skinnies, these boots and some kind of shirt...?!?

Well, moving on from that...I've been begging Brad to build me a little vanity for our gigantic bedroom, and he got it done this last week!

It ended up being a little larger than I was expecting, but beggars aren't choosers when it comes to free, custom built furniture :)  We still need some hardware on it and to hang the mirror (that may get painted, not quite sure yet?).  And I need to figure out a little lamp or light source for it, but that will be tough cause the nearest outlet is pretty far away...headaches of an old home.

Once I get this done we'll just have to get a mirror for the large stand-up frame that Brad built recently and maybe some runners for either side of our bed and then we'll be done decorating in our room!  It's nice to finally have it feel home-y.  It only took a year, ha.

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