Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1.) I've decided that work has finally worn me out. No, really. Up until this week I have never really been tired at the end of a work day. That is sad, I know...but it's thrilling and scary at the same time! Cause it's only the 3rd day, you know? My boss actually said to me yesterday, "If you have this much work only 2 days in, who knows what 60 days will be like?" Yes, who knows....but I like it for now and that's what matters.

2.) I came to the conclusion tonight when I was standing in line at Wal-Mart - with only 2 open lanes and the girl working my line was soooooooooooooo slooooooooow it was downright freaking ridiculous - that sometimes I think God must be sparing us from a car accident or something terrible when we have to wait for incredibly un-necessarily long amounts of time. Know what I mean? I waited in line so dang long tonight that I almost just left the store. The only way I can control my temper is to literally thank the Lord for slowing me down for whatever reason He might have.

3.) I did my first spinning class tonight at my gym. It will also be my last. Note to instructor: when you play slow, orchestral music during an "uphill climb," nobody is motivated. In fact, it put me in a bad mood. Maybe that's why I was freaking out at Wal Mart. [Just a note, I've been waiting for these spin classes for 2 years! I'm sadly very disappointed...]

4.) My husband actually said to me tonight, "I can tell you don't talk a lot at work cause you sure are talking a lot tonight." He was laughing while he said it, and I kid you not, only your husband can say something like that to you and simultaneously make you love the fact that he can speak so honestly to you, and yet tick you off for BEING so honest. We laughed, it was funny....and then all night I kept wondering, "Am I talking too much??"

5.) Veteran's Day! Sadly this day is not honored the way it should be - we should have this day off just like July 4th, IMO - but even while I'm working tomorrow I will be sure to be thinking of all the brave men and women who serve the best country in the whole world.

6.) CAN I GET AN EYEBROW WAX, PUH-LEASE? And a manicure. And a pedicure.

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  1. I think that Judah's pretty much gotten used to the fact that he is, most days, the only adult person that I talk to for more than a few sentence at drop off and pick up times. I'm sure at times even the parents are thinking, "seriously, I HAVE to get to work!"


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