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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I really have no excuses about not blogging now, because I'm the proud new owner of a MacBook! We've been without a computer for the last year or so and were able to skate by using borrowed laptops, but this weekend we decided to bite the bullet and buy one. And I am SO HAPPY we did...I think telling Brad that me not having a computer would be like him not having a TV, really hit home with him :)

Anyway! So I have lots to talk about now...first thing? I got a new job! This is the biggest blessing from the Lord. I was pretty unhappy at my old job, which is a shame because it was a fantastic company with great benefits but some of the people I had to work closely with made it unbearable. But, my new job? Working in the "car racing" industry for a what I THINK - still getting to know him, but his wife took our wedding photos and she's amazing - will be a fantastic boss in a beautiful home office (no joke at all, looks like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog, in fact I think all the furniture is) where I won't have to clock in/out, or tell someone I'm going to the bathroom or feel bad cause I took an extra five minutes for lunch....basically it will be me and him all day, and I am very much looking forward to that! (uh, in a professional way, not any other way. Just sayin') Also? Better pay AND better benefits. It was a blessing at just the right time.

So. Next thing? I ordered this planner from MomAgenda and thankfully they have MyAgenda for us non-Moms cause I had to have one. The color I ordered was Mochachino, and I think it's a little shimmery? Not too sure, but I love the inside of it! It has week and month views, and I love the journal/book style of it. Plus they're on sale right now, so I couldn't pass it up.

I've also been working a lot on my dining room. Back when I moved into this little white house two years ago I painted the dining room a bright, gaudy orange. Not sure what on earth was going through my mind. But this fall I repainted (and painted and painted...) the room an off-white and the ceiling a pretty olive green. I bought some gorgeous olive-and-cream striped fabric and made curtains, and recently whitewashed a little table that Brad made me and set it up in there. Here's the finished product (minus the wall hangings...putting shelves up soon! oh, and excuse the mess on the table)

I'm a huge fan. It's so much lighter and more "open" feeling. The orange room was way too much!

Seeing as how it's Sunday and church starts in an hour I should get ready - we're terrible with being late and every week I have a new resolve to be on time! So, here we go :)

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