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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

and get me out of the North Pole!

This is on my way to work. Pretty, no? Well. That ground is a sheet of ice when you figure that it's been freezing itself over all night long with temperatures in the negative TWENTIES. Yep, on my way to work this morning it was -20. [and yes, I was taking a picture of the road and praying to the good Lord that I wouldn't slide right off the road into the ditch. Which would be REALLY very bad cause I have no cell phone reception out there.]

After I got off work I was feeling super good about going straight to the gym - for the last month I've been working up the motivation to go right when I'm off. And it's happened a total of two times, including today. Yeah, I'm lazy. So anyway, I had a HORRIBLE workout. I only ran for 20 minutes and no kidding, I knew the woman next to me was a Physician's Assistant (I live in a small town, I knew half the people there), and I literally THANKED GOD cause I thought when I was done, "I just might die right now." I finally felt better about 20 minutes later, but holy cow! Wonder why that happens sometimes.

Alright, getting ready for bed...these super low morning temps require you to be ready about 15 minutes earlier. Pain in the butt!

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