that time my car got totaled by a snow plow

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

back in 2006 I was on the hunt for a new car. My little blue Saturn was falling apart one expensive piece at a time, and God knows I couldn't keep up with the never-ending repairs. So while I was home in Illinois from college (for a funeral, no less) I literally drove to a dealership, test drove a 2003 Grand Am, and bought it. And no joke, one week later I hated it. But I had a loan in my name for the first time and there was no way I could get out of it. So I drove it.

Until Monday, that is! I had pulled out of my driveway behind a gigantic snow plow (those huge industrial ones) and the snow plow slowed down. Thinking they were pulling over or slowing down to let me go past them, I watched - in shock - as the snow plow quickly (who knew those things could move quickly?? but I swear this one did) reversed its big 'ol self right into me, taking out the whole right front of my car.

Looong story short, I've had to deal with small town politics trying to get this all taken care of, and it's been more than frustrating. The police officer on the accident left for a week-long vacation without finishing the police report, and the insurance company depends on that to process a claim. And then, the town hall is only open two and a half days a week, which they failed to tell me after they instructed me to get my estimate today (which ended up being $4500 in damages). So, no police report this week and no dealing with the town's insurance company until next Monday. Awesome.

Depending on the outcome we're now trying to figure out if we should get a new car or just do repairs. A lot depends on how much we'll get from the insurance company. God knows I'll take a new one!

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  1. yeah, and that time our car got totaled by a logging truck...the insurance company gave us more than what we purchased it for. just sayin'.

    hope the same good luck for you.

    you don't owe anything on it do you?


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