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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That blog title sounds like this will be a meaningful post...but unfortunately it won't. At least not the ranting part.

This last week has really taken a toll on my "I love a small town!" attitude. When my car got hit by the plow - the town's plow - trying to find things out from the town was like pulling teeth out of a 95 year old. The police report? Not done, and the cop went on vacation without finishing it. Town hall? Can't do anything without a police report or an estimate. So I go get the estimate and try to drop it off at the town 1pm on a Wednesday. Nope, it's closed. CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY. Their hours were absolutely ridiculous. And then today I drove to the nail salon for the second day at 5pm in a row as I desperately need a filling (got gel overlays - not tips, just the gel - and they are amazing for people with paper thin nails, like myself) and the place was closed even though their regular hours should've been until 6pm. I'm totally fine with businesses being closed for vacation, holiday, etc....but put a sign up, for crying out loud! It's not normal to be closed on a regular business day. And the frustrating thing is that, unlike in a city, you can't drive anywhere and just get it done cause there is no where else. So my nails still look like crap.

But anyway....on to the good!

Lately I have been overwhelmed at how much I love my husband. I absolutely love being married to him and all the time have thoughts about what a good man I think he is and how thankful I am to have him as my husband. I definitely feel like we're good about expressing our love for one another, but I decided that my one resolution for 2011 is going to be to kiss my husband at the door when he gets home. Seems like too often he'll get home and I'm doing laundry, or cleaning the kitchen up, or making dinner, and I just yell at him when he comes in. Usually he's worked a long, hard day out in the bitter cold and I always feel a little guilty that I'm not more welcoming once he gets in.

So that's my resolution - to make a conscious effort to show my husband one more way that I love and appreciate him. He's worth it and I know it will be meaningful to him, too.

Not a resolution so much...but I'm also going to make an effort to blog more!!

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