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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday Brad and I took a day trip to Minneapolis so he could go to a Log and Timber Show (he's a construction worker, specializing in log & timber homes). Since we live in the absolute middle of nowhere, a day trip to the Cities is always something I look forward to - duh, shopping. So when I woke up yesterday morning with a tummy ache and feeling slightly nauseated, I pushed it aside, thinking it was the crappy junk food I had ate the night before while watching the Packers vs. Falcons game. We got to Minneapolis and I dropped Brad off at the show and went to Target for a little bit of shopping. Still wasn't feeling too hot so I bought some Pepto Bismol, thinking that would clear it up.

Fast forward an hour and I'm starting to feel downright awful. Brad got done with his show, and we were trying to decide what to do the rest of the day - my vote leaning towards going back home - when we find out that Brad's parents, who were also there for the trade show, had car problems and needed us to come get them. We went and picked them up while they waited for their car to get repaired and decided to go to the Mall of America.

HOLY COW, THAT WAS THE WORST THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE. I swear, if there's anywhere on the face of the Earth that you do not want to be when you are sick, it is the Mall of America. Millions of people combined with endless, endless walking is the perfect combination for complete misery. I could have cared less if every store was offering 75% off sales, I just wanted to GO HOME. And the unfortunate thing was that we had to wait for Brad's parents car to be fixed. We ate some lunch (they ate lunch, anyway), and then we decided to walk around for a bit. Finally at Macy's I collapsed in the Men's Shoe Department while Brad shopped.

Finally we came home with me sleeping in the back seat the whole way, and today I'm camped out on the couch. I do feel better - at least, not like I'm dying, which was how I felt yesterday - but my stomach is gurgling up a storm today.

The only good part about yesterday? Scoring a pair of super, super sweater-soft pants at Target for $10. I'm lounging in them now :)

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