Menu Monday

Monday, December 13, 2010

I have a confession....

I used to go to the grocery store with no plan and just buy groceries. And I would always spend tons of money and inevitably, later in the week would have an idea for dinner and realize I had nothing to make that dinner with. So, I finally came round to the idea of menu planning! [it has been an epiphany for me] Still spend a fair amount on food, but a LOT less time wandering the aisles at the grocery store. I even break my list down into store categories so I'm not backtracking a hundred times. There were times that I felt like I just was doing circles at WalMart...

Anyway, here it is! Maybe can give someone else ideas?

Monday - Beef Stroganoff (using baby bellas & sirloin that was on sale!) From a Betty Crocker slow cooker cookbook

Tuesday - White Chicken Chili, recipe courtesy of my BFF. Loads of white beans, chicken broth, sour cream AND cheese. Dangerous!

Wednesday - Honey Mustard Chicken with Potato Wedges, found in a Rachael Ray mag, link to recipe is here

Thursday - Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup, found at All Recipes here

Friday - I don't cook on Friday nights! Usually do pizza, or leftovers.

What's everyone else cooking??


  1. DEFinitely a fan of menu planning! It's saves me so much time. And I have to say this time of year I'm a slow cooker junkie! It's so,so easy.

    ps...just made a chicken tortilla soup in my slow cooker this past week only I substituted leftover steak that I sliced very thin. It was super good!

  2. I so get this! We just started "menu planning" a few weeks ago and what a difference it makes! We used to come home from the grocery store and think "okay, what do we have to eat" Now we get home and think "what, of all our options, should we eat"! Good job girl!


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