Happy 7 Months, Hadley!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 Weight/Height/Head:  Not quite sure where she is with stats since we're in the lag between the 6 mo appt and the 9 mo.  I'm guessing she's well over 20lbs and is getting close to the 30" mark.

Hair:  It's looking lighter all the time.  It's still dark in the back, under her bald spot, but the top and sides are a wispy dark blonde.  Almost looks like it will have some wave to it?  

Eyes: Bright blue 

Diapers: Size 4

Clothes: She's comfortably wearing 12-18 months now.  In Carters she's in 9-12 mo onesies and I recently bought her some 18 mo leggings that I figured she would wear in a few months.  Nope, she's wearing them right now and I suspect that within a month those will be too small.  

Eating: We're (obviously) still doing formula.  She's still taking around four 8oz bottles a day with a few 4oz bottles here or there if she's inclined.  As far as solids, this has been tough.  I've definitely followed the Baby Led Weaning methodology like I planned - as long as we're eating something healthy I will put some on her tray and let her at it.  But in reality, this method has been tough because we don't always eat things that lend themselves to little 7 month old fingers or digestive systems.  On the other hand, I'm just not crazy about pureeing a million kinds of foods and spoon feeding her for every meal.  So, there's times that if I'm not in a mood to clean up a big mess I'll mash up an avocado and feed it to her.  Or I'll make whole wheat banana pancakes and give those straight to her.  I've bought a fair amount of pouches from Ella's Kitchen or Earth's Best to just try something different.  So, it's a big mix of things right now.  

Sleeping: She's sleeping well these days.  She's taking around 3 naps a day, most days.  Due to our ridiculous system of time changes she now wakes up around 6:30 every morning and isn't going to bed until 8 or 8:30.  However, we've been SO busy the last month with traveling that it's taken a toll on her routine.  We're working at getting back on track now and trying to get a bit more of a schedule for bedtime.

Milestones:  Once again, so many!  It's like they hit 6 months and they become a different baby.  This month she has done the following:

  • Crawling forwards
  • Rolling from her belly from her back (I realize this one is a little late, but seriously it took this girl forever to do that!)
  • Walking in her walker
  • Pushing up to stand when you're holding her all.the.time.  I can no longer just set her on the floor, she immediately does the stiff leg, ha!
  • Takes steps when holding her hands
  • Trying to pull up on furniture
  • Reaching for myself or Brad (well, it's more of a lean towards.  But it clearly means "please take me")
One milestone we're still waiting on is TEETH!  The girl has ZERO.  I know this is probably normal but I have considered Googling "my baby has no teeth" and seeing what comes up :)   

And just some random things for our memory - 
  • While she's shown recognition for Brad or me in the last month, lately she has absolutely lit up when she sees us, especially Brad.  This girl loves her Daddy.
  • She loves when I sing to her, which is really funny because I am practically tone-deaf.  The three songs I sing to her are Jesus Loves You/Itsy Bitsy Spider/I'm a Little Teapot.  Totally random songs and I'm trying to throw a few more in there, but I can't remember any kids songs!  It was funny, last night we met some friends and family out for dinner and on the way home Hadley was super fussy in the car.  It was just me and her so I couldn't do much to help her, so I started singing to her and she immediately quieted down and fell asleep.  I have no idea why on earth my singing is comforting to her but I will take it :)
  • After the bout with pink eye we had another small cold.  Otherwise she's been very healthy (and the girl has never lost her appetite, no matter how badly she seemed to feel!  Definitely my child).
  • She loves playing with tags or strings.  It doesn't matter if the girl has a $2 toy or a $20 toy, she finds the manufacturer's tag on it and studies it, then chews on it.  Same with strings, I have a jacket that has strings on it and she'll grab hold of them and chew on it.  We went on a short trip this last weekend and during the car ride she was getting fussy so I gave her my winter scarf that has long tassels on the end.  Entertained her for about a half hour :)

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  1. She is just gorgeous!!! Love her beautiful eyes! They just sparkle! Also... love your comment about her loving when you sing. I can totally relate. I am a horrible singer but I love that my kids think I'm great! :) What they don't know won't hurt em!


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