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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

  • Hadley is teething...and I think I'm ready to just fill 'er up with Baby Tylenol for the next few months.  Holy cow, it's an ordeal.  The funny thing is that so far, we've only had a couple days where I recall her being completely out of sorts (where I've attributed it to teething) and for some reason I felt like we had slipped under the radar in the teething battles.  Granted, we had no teeth during these times and now she's got a little tiny baby tooth on her lower gum that's not popped up yet but is visible.  This morning she woke up screaming at 5:30am and didn't stop fussing until I laid her back down at 7:30. Should be an interesting day considering her first morning nap is typically around 9:30...
  • We're finally, finally getting warm weather!  I know people probably think it's low-class, but I love taking Hadley out with little bare feet.  It's the only time in life that you don't have to wear shoes so why rush it??  Her little feet poking out of her stroller is just too sweet :)
  • I've recently started grocery shopping on a budget.  Like...writing down the cost of everything I put in my cart and adding up the total on my cell phone before I check out.  I know this is totally normal for lots of people but up until now I've just gone grocery shopping as much as I want and bought whatever I want, which really is not a wise way to shop when you're trying to save money (obviously).  I felt a little self-conscious doing it, but that feeling of only spending my allotted money - and not a penny more - when I left the store felt good.  
  • You know how they say that your feet can get bigger while you're pregnant?  Well, my feet are the same size.  My hands, though...I swear they grew because even though I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my wedding ring is pretty tight half the time.  It's weird cause it's only tight on my left hand, but not my right.  I'm considering getting it sized up a little but I hate to do that.  But I really hate not wearing it, so....?
  • I have a list of projects to accomplish this summer that's about a mile long.  And I am excited to tackle them! Stuff like re-doing our laundry closet, sewing/updating our living room curtains, keep a little garden, organize our storage benches, etc etc etc.  
  • I ran with our jogging stroller for the first time yesterday and it went really well, super easy and smooth to push, though it was quite the workout!  I told Brad how it was kinda difficult and he was all puzzled and like, "Why?!?"  Clearly he has not tried to run while pushing a 23lb baby in a stroller!

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