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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Totally random, but does anybody else get so happy when you have all the ingredients on-hand to make something you've been craving?  I've been dying for some chicken fried rice lately, and I actually had everything to make it.  You better believe I ate the whole bag of boil-in-a-bag brown rice...

Anyway.  I do have plans to get back to blogging more but for now it's just difficult with home, work and a baby.  Soon!  Until's some pictures from my phone -

Little Miss had a nurse visit for a shot yesterday - always makes me a little sad when she's so happy before she gets the shot.  This is definitely a 'before' photo, though she only cried for a second when she got the shot.  Anyway - how cute is her little outfit??  Lately I've been on a consignment/thrift store kick, and I was able to get that Baby Gap sweater for $4 and the gold sandals for $1.  Winning.  (And do you not just want to eat those little thighs up)

Love, love, love mornings where she sits happily next to her toy basket and just plays.  Momma gets so much done!

We live super close to a grocery store and since last night the weather was beautiful AND cause we have a snow storm on the way (no lie) we decided to take a short walk to pick up bacon and beer.  Haha - no really.  We were grilling burgers and Brad wanted some beer so off we went.  We just shoved the beer in the stroller...keepin' it real!  

Hadley is pulling up on anything she can.  This would be her high chair ...which I also might add was parked right next to my desk cause we were having one of those days.  

I bought that yellow stripe shirt from Baby Gap when I was still pregnant with Hadley and I remember thinking, "Gosh, she probably won't wear this til she's at least 1."  And here she is sporting it at 8 months.  Anyway, we're stripe girls around here.  

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  1. Love that little outfit! She's looking so grown up!


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