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Thursday, May 16, 2013

So!  I had my very first Mother's Day this last week.  It was a beautiful day - sunny and chilly, but we made the best of it.  Brad went and got McDonald's for breakfast (at my request, ha) and him and Hadley came back with some pretty flowers for me.  That morning we went with our church to one of the local nursing homes and delivered flowers and muffins to the mommas - both staff and residents - there.  It was a really special time that blessed many women, myself included, and also made me proud to be a part of a church that takes loving the community seriously.

Later that day we got coffee at the coffee shop and just drove around, which might sound silly but is one of my favorite things to do with Brad and Hadley.  We just drive, look at houses and talk and she usually sleeps :)  We also stopped at a nursery and looked at plants since my Mother's Day gift from Brad is going to be a raised bed garden.  We ended the day with a walk where I made sure to get a picture of me and Hadley...

I will save all the sentimental stuff because I know it's all been said, but really, from the very bottom of my heart, I am just so thankful that God made me this baby's Momma.  My wise stepmom always talks about how God gave us the children He gave us for a reason, just like we got the parents we were given for a reason.  I am always so humbled that God gave me Hadley.  She's my very best girl.

In other news, this girl is MOVING - I can't even begin to count how many times I say, "Hadley, no!" when she tries to pull up for the six millionth time on the TV stand (I have nightmares of the TV falling on her, we're mounting it on the wall soon!) or having to go get her from the other room when she crawls out of eyesight.  This stage is just crazy, I am forever afraid she's going to get into something that she shouldn't and hurt herself or swallow some minute thing on the floor (like one of Brad's itty bitty fishing flies, those things are ridiculously tiny) or lose her balance and hit her head.  But then you go to bed at night and realize that God had to give you grace in there somewhere to not lose your mind over the constant minding of your child.    I know that every stage comes with its ups and downs but I particularly feel that the first month or so of mobility is especially trying on new parents!  Relatedly...I am okay if she doesn't walk til she's 4 ;)

One of her favorite places to perch, the dishwasher -

Couldn't decide which one I liked I posted them both.  Brad always calls her his little 'bear cub'.  I think that's so cute, and so dang fitting. 

Such a happy girl!

Hadley with her Uncle Sam, one of Brad's 4 younger brothers

Her - the coffee table.  Pretty much any time of any day you can find her in this position :)

I gotta say...I'm happy tomorrow is Friday!  It's been one of those weeks where every day felt like the following day - meaning, all day today I kept thinking it was Friday.  Hate those kind of days...but happy the real deal is here!

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