Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is my first official week as a stay at home (non-working) Mom!  I have to clarify because, if I didn't mention it before, I worked from home while taking care of Hadley.  Yesterday was the first real day and it was such a great feeling to have my mind be exactly where I wanted it: on Hadley and my home.  I had so many moments during the day where I stopped and thanked God that I was finally in this place.  I know that every day won't be so incredibly amazing and we'll have our rough times where I will probably wish I was out of the house, but I really have waited SO long for this time in my life and I plan to make the most of it.

This last weekend was a super busy one - Saturday we spent the day at a local auction.  It was my first time ever going to one, and while it was pretty sad when you thought about a person's whole life all being sold off for bids starting at $1, I did get some great deals on a couple household items that appeared to be unused.  We met the homeowners that Brad is currently building for and it's so funny cause every time I go out to the job to visit Brad, the husband always takes a family photo of us.  So it was no different on Saturday, Steve pulled out the camera :)  I joked with him that the photos he takes of us are literally among the handful of family photos we have....SO SAD -

For the record, we were at this auction early...hence the no makeup and weekender clothing ;) 

How cute is my sweet girl and her Daddy?  I swear I need to start putting her head-to-toe pink, she's called a boy all.the.time
Sunday we drove to Duluth (the big city!) and hit up Sams, and also bought our lawn mower.  I swear, buying a lawn mower ranks around buying socks.  Totally necessary but completely un-fun.

Monday we got lots of work done in the yard.  I'm bummed cause I don't have a very good "before" picture of our house when we bought it, but trust me, we've done a ton of work!  Here is the finished picture:

I still have to paint the flower boxes (the same color as the trim).  We're also planning to paint the porch the trim of my many summer projects!
Yesterday Hadley and I drove to the next big city over so that I could make an Aldi's run - okay, really, the prices there are so crazy cheap - and also pick up some organic produce from a mother/daughter team that sell it for super low prices.  I got apples, kale, spinach, lettuce, avocado, peaches, bananas and frozen butternut squash, peas and broccoli all for less than $50.  Such a great deal!

Today I'm going to buy the starter plants for my garden and hopefully get those planted today.  Pictures tomorrow (if I get it done, ha!)

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  1. So happy for you that you are able to stay home with Hadley! And your house is adorable!


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