5 on Friday

Friday, May 24, 2013

I'm participating in a "5 on Friday" link-up with a couple of my favorite blogs, notably Hello! Happiness and [the good life blog].  Check them out!

1 - Garage Sale-ing 
I'm not gonna lie...I used to turn my nose up at garage sales. I just felt like, "I don't NEED to garage sale."  But because of some big life changes recently (more on that next week!) I have changed my tune, and to be honest, I'm wondering why on earth I waited so long to jump into the wonder of garage sales!  I have gotten SO much stuff for Hadley in the past couple weeks that she's probably fully outfitted for summer now.  I've purchased a nice baby monitor to keep at Grandma's for $1, a baby gate for $5, clean, new toys for $3-$4 a piece, little Converse tennis shoes that look brand new for $2....it's amazing.  I will fully admit, I am ashamed of my past attitude and now laugh at people who buy baby toys and other things full price.

2 - Sam's Club
We're getting a membership this weekend and I am so dang excited.  I don't even know why.  We're mainly getting one because Brad takes his lunch every day and let me tell you, it gets expensive buying things the same things at the grocery store every single week (he is totally a creature of habit and has pretty much taken the same stuff for lunch since we've been married.)

3 - Daddy & Hadley

This isn't the greatest picture at all, but seriously, how funny is this?  Most nights I do the bedtime routine with Hadley but last night I had a killer headache and just wanted to take a bath after we got home from church, so I left it up to him.  When I got out of the bath I about died when I walked out to the living room and saw them both asleep in this crazy position (well, crazy for Hadley, not so much Brad, haha).  Not sure how on Earth Hadley ended up like that but she seemed pretty comfortable!

4 - Summer Playlist
Now that summer is finally arriving, I've been creating my "Summer 2013" playlist on Rhapsody.  Here's a few of my picks (yes, I'm a total country music girl):

"Runnin' Outta Moonlight" - Randy Houser
"Tell Me How You Like It" - Florida Georgia Line
"Tip It On Back" - Dierks Bentley
"Pirate Flag" - Kenny Chesney
"In Love With The Girl" - Luke Bryan (okay, pretty much any and all LB songs are on my summer playlists!)
"When She Says Baby" - Jason Aldean
"American Beautiful" - The Henningsens

5 - The Last Day
Today is my last day of work.  I have a post coming up about it, but needless to say, my heart is absolutely bursting at how excited I am to begin spending my days with my sweet girl.  I've waited years for this day - even before I had kids! - and for it to finally be here is almost unbelievable.  I'm so thankful for this blessing, both to God and Brad for giving me the opportunity.


  1. OH MY GOSH - today is your last day of work?!? Congrats, momma!!! There is nothing like getting to be with your babe full time! You'll *love* it (minus the super hard day every now and then when you think your old day job was actually easier - hahaha!).

    And I'm with ya.... Luke Brian rocks my world!

    And lastly, isn't it funny what we get excited about as adults? Seriously! Garage sales and Sam's Club? Same here... well, that and naps and going to be before 10 p.m. Wild times! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love all of the songs on your playlist! And your baby girl is absolutely precious! Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Congrats on your LAST day!!! How exciting!!!

    PS - I love garage sales AND estate sales!!!

    Happy Long Weekend!! Thanks for linking up! :)


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