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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  We had a pretty darn good one.  Mostly cause the weather here lately has been SO mild (thank you sweet baby Jesus) that we can actually get out and do things.  And even if you're not doing fun things outside, just being out and about is pretty enjoyable.  The last two winters up here have been absolutely, completely horrible, weather-wise.  So we're taking it!

Jumping in....I have about 40 pictures on my phone that look like this:

Yep, we're mattress shopping.  Or rather, I am mattress shopping.  Brad could sleep on a board and get a full night's rest, no joke.  

All I gotta say is that mattresses are expensive and I could wring the neck of the sales people that make you lay on the really nice, comfortable beds (which equal $$$$).  I was telling my best friend that I would have no problem buying a cheaper mattress if I hadn't laid on any of the goods ones.  But since I did, I've now been trying to finagle how I can get discounts on the one I want (which happens to be the one in the picture above.)  And this bargain online-shopper is having no luck.

So here's my daughter, sweetly painting a picture with her washable paints....

....the same washable paints that have left very faint stains on the carpet in her playroom.  I honestly have NO CLUE how she got into them.  But then on the other hand I can't for the life of me remember where I had put them!  So I'm guessing that was a mom fail and I put them somewhere she could access them.

She also left a drawing on her built-in drawers.  Thankfully it came up.  Still not sure what to do with the paint stains in the carpet.  I've tried Resolve and they ain't budging.

I took this picture today during our daily morning snuggles...

Funny story, the girl has been obsessed with rubbing her belly button since she was about a year old.  If she's drinking her milk in her sippy cup then she's rubbing her belly button.  If she's falling asleep, she's rubbing her belly button.  It must be a comfort mechanism.  I think it's the cutest darn thing (and when she wears her button down jammies - I feel bad putting her in zip-up jammies cause she can't reach it - we always leave a button undone so she can get to it, ha!)

And finally....

My constant companion in the kitchen.  I definitely cook more now than ever and this girl loves to help.  She was dying to play with the lemon/lime squeezer so I gave her a discarded lime and a baking sheet and she squeezed to her heart's content.

Speaking of cooking, I've been making some really great recipes lately that I'm hoping to share!  I'm thinking tonight's dinner will be fish tacos, which is good but kinda plain.  I've got some leftover avocados to use up so I think I'm going to make an avocado and jalapeno crema for them.  Sounds so good, doesn't it??  I'll let you know how it turns out!

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