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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I got this award today from Annie at Little Running Feet! Quite a little honor and I'm definitely appreciative, even though I'm probably not that versatile in all actuality. Cause posting on your blog would be the first step to being versatile, right?

So! Here's the question:

If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

Tough question, but my answer is no, I wouldn't change anything in my life. The only thing I would do is have really appreciated where I was and where God had me at certain times in my life! When I was single, I wanted to be married. When I was overseas living THE life, I wanted to be with B. Now that I'm married, I want babies...see this cycle? I'm working on being content with where I am RIGHT NOW.

Pick 4 people and give the award to them.

Okay...I have a problem. See, the computer I used to store all my favorite blogs on is en route to Illinois! I'm shipping it back home to my family who was gracious enough to us use it [B's beautiful Mac got stolen out of a house last year. it was terrible.] I shipped it back yesterday without realizing it and now I don't have ANY of my daily reads stored! It's like....losing the last pages of a book you've been hooked on forever!

Thank the lovely individual that gave you the award.

but of course! Thanks, Annie! I owe you Chipotle/Starbucks PSL/Tiger Sushi and a 1 year subscription to Country Weekly!

You need to share 7 things about yourself.

1 - as interested as I am in the bloggers I read, I usually don't read these things. unless they're really interesting. I LOVE the blogs I read, but I'm terrible about reading the surveys/100 Things About Me. that being said, you're free to stop reading now, haha!

2- I'm anal about grammar. A few things: "Anyways" is not a word. It's "Anyway." No 'S'. Any numbers that are from 0-9 are supposed to be written out rather than typed numerically [Two, not 2]. But on the other hand, I'm awful with knowing where to put the apostrophe with certain words that end in 'S'.

3 - I drive a Pontiac Grand Am that will be all paid off here in a few months, and I HATE the car. I hate it a little less than I did a couple years ago, but no lie: I've hated since a couple days after I drove it off the lot. It was a good example of not making a decision on a whim.

4 - I used to win lots of contests. Some of the stuff I've won is a new computer and concert tickets, but my BEST ever was winning a trip to Nashville on in 2005! It was amazing.

5 - My hair is currently down to the middle of my back. It's looong. In 2003 I got it all cut off - think Mandy Moore with her short, cute haircut - and no lie, I've been growing it back ever since. I've toyed with the idea of cutting it but my husband would literally fall over and die if I did that. He has an attachment to it.

6 - From May of 2007 til July of 2008, I traveled to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sweden, France, Thailand, Sicily, Denmark, Spain, and Bali. I traveled to France three times, and flew Business class for two of those flights [not on my dollar!]

7 - I love nothing more than taking baths. I get a book and a glass of wine, and you may not see me for an hour or so!

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