fall clothes & where have I been?!?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

holy smokes. It's been so long! still no new computer or camera. but....we're working on it?


so, um...I don't even remember the last thing I wrote about. But, it's been busy up in the north 40 here! we had a fantastic end-of-summer. Lots of boating & barbecues, hanging out, going out to our favorite little lodge bar and listening to live music (country! LOVE that). But unfortunately as soon as September 1st hit Summertime took her tank tops and flip flops and hit the road. It's been COLD up here!

So - with that being said, here's a few things I have my eyes on for the fall:

btw - Over the Knee boots. Pretty in Pink Megan did a blog post about them today with some very good points about how to & and how to NOT wear them. My jury is still out on them, but I really like this pair from Ann Taylor LOFT.

SKINNIES! SKINNY'S? Every girl needs a good pair of black ones. I learned that in Europe. My pair that I currently own is....wow. In bad, faded shape.

Adorable. It looks like, perhaps on a normal torso-ed girl and not a 6 foot tall one, this sweater could be a little longer? And could maybe be worn with above skinnies [skinny's?] OH - and the boots! Or would that be too much?

I like the bow on the sweater. I'm totally into frills/ruffles/flowers. Even though I only own like, one shirt that has flowers on it. And I never wear it cause it's black and the flowers are black but they look navy. Ew.

Alright. I'm off to take a bath...my husband is in football-comatose [1st game of the season! Vikings v. Saints]. Tomorrow's Friday and one of my favorite days - Casual Day at work! Mornings suddenly become much more enjoyable, no?

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  1. LOVE the shirt! Where did you find it? Seriously got rid of more than half of my wardrope, so darn I'm kind of rebuilding based on my current non-professional profession! :)


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